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1957 - 1958
NHS Thespians

Thespian troupe.jpg
janice tyree.jpg
Jan Tyree
Thespians Treasurer
Don Soelberg (2).jpg
Henry Horwege and Don Soelberg
Thespians Advisors
mary copelin.jpg
Mary Copelin
Thespians President

The 1957 - 1958 Thespian officers, included Secretary Cherie Carr, Clerk Carole Keene,  Vice President Betty Dickinson, President Mary Copelin, Parliamentarian Art Harrington, Treasurer Jan Tyree.

Cherie Carr
Betty Dickinson
Thespians VP
thespians opage fix.jpg

Three One Acts
open the year in the amphitheater

From the play "Xingu", one of three one-acts to play in the amphitheater in October 1957.

David Vogel plays Kami in the play The Flower of Yeddo, for the One Acts to play in the amphitheater. Gay Caughell wields the knife.

One act plays included The Flower of Yeddo, Xingu and Hoof Beats.

It Happened

One Night

Literally, the Senior Class play, It Happened One Night, happened on December 12, 1957 only.

Down the road from NHS, a nicely constructed set for It Happened One Night shows well on the Standard School stage.

A Night of Drama
would feature four one-act plays in the NHS cafeteria

On February 12, these one acts would be performed for 400 prisoners at the Tehachapi Institute for Men, as was done last spring.

Susan Hannah (Sandy Kilgore) and Lessie Hanna (Linda Cotton) in Sparkin'.

Arsenic and Old Lace

This production of Arsenic and Old Lace would be the first of several productions of Joseph Kesserling's beloved play over the decades at North High, though this production was staged at Standard School. Here, the girls are without their old lady hair-dos, serving the tasty but deadly wine.

1958 MARCH Arsenic crop.jpg

Teddy (Eric Peavy) blasts away near Lt. Rooney (Mike Ray).

Innocent murderers Martha (Sharon Ward) and Abby (Cherie Carr) attend to Mortimer's (Larry Cox) every word.

Crew members pose on the staircase and in the wings at Standard School stage.

The Brewster sisters are careful not to serve Reverend Harper (Tom Harrington) their elderberry wine elixir.

Sam Wharton, Ernie Halbert and Frank Kesckes as the police officers.

Jonathan Brewster (Art Harrington) terrorizes the sisters.

Teddy Brewster (Eric Peavy) charges up the stairs, again.

NHS Thespian juggernaut Cheri Carr (third from left) heads up the cast of the one act play, Blue Beads, in which she recently won the Best Actress Award at the Kern County Annual Drama Festival for a second year. Gay Caughell, Peggy Morrow, and Gary Massey fill out the cast.

Award winners Art Harrington as Lem Carhalt and Pat Heron as Gram in the one act play, On Vengeance Height.

The play was performed in-the-round in the cafeteria.

Director Don Soelberg beams as Pat Heron receives her trophy for Best Actress from the San Joaquin Valley One-Act Festival for her performance as Gram in On Vengeance Height.

National Thespians
and newcomers 

Thespians don't grow on trees, but they must bloom. Here, Rita Lowton mimes a "mad scientist" at the Thespian initiation rites.  Next, she must propose marriage to her suitor, played by Mr. Soelberg.

19-- amphitheater  (2).jpg

Thespians portray a variety of characters and some get into the act by their proficient dancing skills. These dancers include Lynn Stacke, Sally Reeves, Joyce Freeman, Karen Earl, and Janice Stacke.

National Thespian Seniors

Mary Copelin
Betty Dickinson
Jack Gatewood
Gary Massey
Gayle McCutcheon
Larry Warner
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