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1991 - 1992

Star Players this year. It took two shots but we got the bulk of them. row 1: Julie McAfee, Jeni Wood, Katie Meyer, Russ Fortmeyer, Lori Kuster row 2: Kelly Springstead, Matt Payne, Mr. Orr, Lonnie Lopez, Sara Wall, row 3: Heath Bates, Kayla Duerr, Spencer Orr, Darren Buckey. 

In this one we add Shawna Simpson, Shawn Wilson, Alene Williams, Amy Bailey, Keri Kelley.

Mr Orr and Spencer Orr.jpg

Lawrence Orr, Star Players director and club advisor, with son Spencer, in the classroom.

Arthur Miller's
The Crucible


1991 started with a solid cast of actors, both seasoned and newcomers. Our production of Arthur Miller's The Crucible featured Shawn Wilson as Reverend Parris and Amy Bailey as Abigail Williams. Also pictured is Joy Olmstead as Mercy Lewis and Jake Thoene as Marshal Willard.

Mr. Orr gives instructions to assembled students.

Mr. Orr works the audience fix(2).jpg

Let the auditions begin!

Jime Beard and Karen Hoose audition.jpg

Auditioners Jim Beard and Karen Hoose

Jennifer Proctor Shawn Wilson sans write up.jpg
Thomas Hammersley receives direction from orr at the audition.jpg

Thomas Hammersly receives audition direction from Mr. Orr.

Jennifer Proctor and Shawn Wilson read for Tituba and Parris, respectively.

Jeni Wood audition.jpg

Jeniffer Wood reads for Ann Putnam.

The final cast:

the crucilbe 1 program 1.jpg
The Crucible - 1991 (3).jpg

A serious cast for a serious play.

the crucilble 1 program 2.jpg

The Production Staff...

PICT0188 (2).JPG

Crew members here pictured are Lori Kuster, Julie McAfee, Katie Meyer, Heath Bates, and Alan Burton

About Dress Rehearsals

John and Abgail.jpg

Chris Cowell, as John Proctor, roughly handles Abigail Williams, played by Amy Bailey.


Darren Buckey (Danforth), Reed Lovan (Hathorne), Shawn Wilson (Parris), David Coker (Francis Nurse) during the trial scene.

crucible julie, chris, mr.orr, darren exposure cropped.jpg

Mr. Orr gives staging direction for a complicated scene change. Crew member Julie McAfee, and actors Chris Cowell, and Darren Buckey, take note.

PICT0150 (2).JPG

John Proctor (Chris Cowell) is confronted with his past by wife Elizabeth (Alene Williams).

Giles Corey (Jim Beard) vehemently reacts to events at trial as Marshal Willard (Jake Thoene) stands by.


Tituba (Jennifer Proctor) is consoled by Reverend Hale (Russ Fortmeyer).

PICT0164 (2).JPG

Keri Kelley, her face aged to play Sarah Good, in the wings before her next entrance.

"And another thing...!"
Katie Meyer, technician, keeps her composure as tension builds, Shanna Simpson (Susanna Walcott) looks on.

Katie and Orr cropped.JPG

Hathorn (Reed Lovan) pleads with John (Chris Cowell) to see things the establishment way. Elizabeth (Alene Williams, NSP Best Actress 1992) understands.

crucible '92.jpg
the crucible 1 program 3.jpg

Program notes about the cast.

the crucible 1 program 4.jpg

Backstage affairs...


Former "gangsters" Shawn Wilson and Chris Cowell remain fast friends from play to play.


Lonnie Lopez applies makeup in the mirror.


Stage Manager Lori Kuster has just heard about the record-breaking house attendance.


Costumer Roxanne Campbell repairs Cheever's (Mitch Hukill) shirt sleeve.

The Crucible - 1991 (2).jpg

A Less serious pose from some cast members, including:
Keri Kelley, Lonnie Lopez, Shanna Simpson, Mitch Hukill, Jim Beard, Spencer Orr, and
David Coker. 

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Shakespeare Festival '91
Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare festival Much Ado castcrop.jpg

October of 1991 was the Star Players' return to the local Shakespeare Festival. Our version of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing was recognized for our ensemble and costuming. The scene featured these actors (back row, left to right) Jeni Wood, Lonnie Lopez, Matt Payne, Mitch Hukill, Reed Lovan, (front row, left to right) Jennifer Proctor, Keri Kelley, Kiley Bates, and Spencer Orr. 

Rehearsals for William Shakespeare's
Much Ado About Nothing

festival rehearsal.jpg

Keri Kelley, Matt Payne, Jennifer Proctor, and Mitch Hukill waiting in the wings during rehearsal of Much Ado.

Shakespeare cast '91 Festival.jpg

Another shot of the actors having more fun.

North Star Players about campus...

Amy Bailey Club President.jpg
Amy dancer.jpg

Amy Bailey,
North Star Players Club President, and assembly performer.

Shawn and Alene in a mini theater scene.jpg

Shawn Wilson performs on the stage.

Mr. Orr and son Spencer 1991fix (2).jpg

Mr. Orr and son, Star Player Spencer

Jim Beard at the microscope.jpg

Jim Beard, brilliant actor, brilliant scientist.

Julie and Erin Miller study parts with Orr.jpg

Mr. Orr studies their roles with these students.

Katie Meyer as prosecutor.jpg

Katie Meyer in the role of Prosecutor during the Mock Trial competition. Below, Russ Fortmeyer and Jennifer Proctor in their roles.

mock trial 1.jpg

The North Star Players 1992 production of Neil Simon's Rumors

1992 1st Rumors set cropped.jpg

The first of four productions of Rumors at NHS, this 1992 version set the bar to the battens with this two-story design and stellar cast of Star Players.

Rumors set '92.jpg

The Production Cast and Crew...

cast for Rumors set demo cropped.jpg

Alas, the show is over. What took weeks to construct, cast and crew deconstruct in several hours. Shown here, standing, Alene Williams (Chris) Karen Hoose (Cassie), Amy Bailey (Claire), Jim Beard (Ken), Lori Kuster (Stage Manager) on stairs: Katie Meyer (lighting), Mitch Hukill (Officer Welch), Shawn Wilson (Lenny), and Chris Cowell (Glen).

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Senior Stars

These fantastic senior Star Players graduated in 1992.

Chris Cowell senior class (2).jpg

Lori Kuster
Star Players Best Senior 1992

James collins senior class.jpg
Reed Lovan senior class.jpg
Kiley Bates fixed  cropped.jpg
Lonnie Lopez senior class.jpg
Karen Hoose.jpg
Keri Kelley pose.jpg
Jennifer cropped.jpg
James Kahl.jpg

Karen Hoose

James Kahl

Kiley Bates

Reed Lovan

Lonnie Lopez

Keri Kelley

Jeni Wood

Chris Cowell

James Collins

shawn fixed lighter.JPG

Shawn Wilson
NSP Best Actor 1992

Teacher of the Month November 1991 fix.jpg

Mr. Orr poses with ASB representative Kelly Jacobsen. 

umbrellas cropped.jpg

The year of the Yellow Umbrellas

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