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1992 - 1993
North Star Players

players cropped 2.jpg

Star Players club members for 1992-93 included Russell Fortmeyer, Luke Thoene, Darren Buckey, Jim Beard, Clay Kyle, Jennefer Wright, Katie Meyer, Julie Meadows, Becky Oakley, Spencer Orr, Sara Wall, Julie McAfee, Kymi Atkin, Robin Conrow, Debra Sharpazian, Cyndi Taylor, Kara Rhodes, Ashley Shields, Sarah Ash, Audriana Orr, Sarah Jackson, Addie Turner. 

Lawrence Orr
North Star Players
Director, advisor

92-93 Orr crop fix.jpg

The 1992-93 North Star Players came back to play for the year with many experienced actors and technicians as well as some fine newcomers. Here, freshmen Audriana Orr hosts the Star Players' club table during Homecoming lunch activities.

gooch and homecoming.jpg

The Fall Production:
John Stenbeck's

Of Mice and Men

OMAM cast.jpg

Cast members included Luke Thoene as Curly, Blake Williams as Boss, Clay Kyle as Slim, Jim Beard as George, Russ Fortmeyer as Candy, Darren Buckey as Lenny, Tonya Moore as Curly's Wife, Shinita Hutchins as Crooks, Mitch Hukill as Whit and Paul Cooper as Carlson.

Rehearsals started in October, as usual. It takes 6 to 8 weeks of after school work and some weekends to be ready to open late November.

OMAM 11.jpg

Early rehearsals for Tonya and Russ make for interesting staging choices.

OMAM 7.jpg
OMAM 9.jpg
omam darren and jim.jpg

Above, Whit (Mitch Hukill) jokes with Slim (Clay Kyle). Next, Curly's Wife (Tonya Moore) just wants someone to hang out with. Then, Lenny (Darren Buckey) coaxes George to tell about the rabbits they're going to get.

The set was made of 4x8 wagons, each with exterior/interiors and configured to make for the bunkhouse, Crook's room, the barn. The wagons were moved into the wings for the outdoor scenes.

omam jim, russ, darren.jpg

Candy (Russ Fortmeyer) carries on to George (Jim Beard) and Lenny (Darren Buckey).

OMAM Russ and Paul.jpg
OMAM Shinita Hutchins as Croooks.jpg

Mean ol' Carlson (Paul Cooper) and Candy (Russ Fortmeyer). Newcomer Shinita Hutchins played Crooks.

OMAM Darren wrestles Tonya (2).jpg
OMAM Lenny Darren and Curly Luke.jpg

Actor Darren Buckey accounted for much of the physicality in the play. Both Curly and Curly's Wife would succumb to Lenny's accidental power.

OMAM Jim and Mitch, Goerge and Whit.jpg

George (Jim Beard) and Whit (Mitch Hukill) pass the time in the bunkhouse playing cards. 

OMAM Jim and Darren.jpg

The tragic final scene when George must kill Lenny to keep him from suffering at the hands of a vengeful mob.

Technically speaking...

Sound tech Jason.jpg

Sound Technician Jason Jones appears to be the Pin Rail Mystery Man. Follow the clues...

Jason the mystery man on the pin rail.jpg
Julie Meadows helps Mitch Hukill.jpg
Blake Williams applies make up.jpg

Blake Williams as Boss would rather do his own,

thank you.

Makeup specialist Julie Meadows helps Mitch Hukill prepare for his role as Whit.

Kim and Julie McAfee.jpg

Stage crew members Kim Truitt and Julie McAfee are essential workers.

Technicians Devin Kuster McKinsey Philips.jpg

Lighting and sound technicians Devin Kuster and McKinsey Philips.

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Star Players Shine

tonya moore elizabethan.jpg
Russell Fortmeyer elizabethan.jpg

Star Players club members Tonya Moore and Russell Fortmeyer, costumed as Elizabethan characters, pose for their Most Talented in Drama Awards.

Russ and Tonya most talented.jpg
leaders Darren cropped.jpg
leaders Tonya cropped.jpg
leaders Clay cropped.jpg

Actress Tonya Moore also found time to be the Senior Class President for 1992-93, and actors Darren Buckey and Clay Kyle served as Senior Vice President and Senior Treasurer respectively.

katie meyer most likely to succeed.jpg

Senior Star Player Katie Meyer was voted by her class as Most Likely to Succeed.


The Star Players tended to produce dramatic shows in the fall and comedy or musicals in the spring. This year, after Of Mice and Men, the Star Players took on one of the longest running musicals in history,
The Fantasticks.

fantasticks Cast fix.jpg

Members of the cast of The Fantasticks would be  Kara Rhodes, Spencer Orr, Russ Fortmeyer, Brad Reed, Addie Turner, Darren Buckey, Jim Beard, Mitch Hukill, and Audriana Orr.

fantasticks spencer, mitch, darren.jpg

Auditions began in mid February. Here Spencer Orr, Mitch Hukill, and Darren Buckey read onstage.

OMAM Russ and Jim audition.jpg

Senior actor Russ Fortmeyer and junior Jim Beard audition for yet another North High production.

Jill Harlander Jim Beard read.jpg

Here, Jill Harlander auditions with Jim Beard.

fantasticks mutes Audrianna Orr nd Kara Rhodes fixed.jpg

Star Players freshmen actors Audriana Orr and Kara Rhodes would play the Mutes, vital stage crew/properties characters.

fantasticks brad reed and addie turner.jpg
fantasticks russ and jim.jpg
fantasticks russ, brad, addie, jim.jpg

Russ and Jim would be cast as the fathers, Bellamy and Huckaby; Brad Reed and Addie Turner as Matt and Luisa.

fantasticks darren.jpg

Darren Buckey would be cast as El Gallo, the narrator and key foil character of the play.

Spencer Addie Mitch fix.jpg

Spencer Orr would play Mortimer, the silly sidekick to Mitch Hukill's Henry, the aged stage actor. Here the two abductors try to carry off the unsuspecting Luisa, played by Addie Turner.
Henry: "No, Mortimer. Off Left!"

robert richmond.jpg

Mr. Robert Richmond, talented musician and faculty member, would join Jim Page, harpist, to provide perfect piano and harp music from the wonderful score.

Jack Winans 1973.jpg
fantasticks katie meyer.jpg

Senior Katie Meyer, lighting technician, is sure this will be her last show at North High.

The production was dedicated to and attended by Jack Winans, who was Mr. Orr's high school theater director in San Diego. 

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Senior actors and technicians leaving this year included:

russ fortmeyer senior class crop.jpg
Russell Fortmeyer
tonya moore senior class crop.jpg
Tonya Moore
NSP Best Actress 1993
darren buckey senior class crop.jpg
Darren Buckey
katie meyer senior class crop.jpg
Katie Meyer
Star Players "Best Senior 1993"
sara wall senipr class crop.jpg
Sara Wall
julie mcafee senior class crop.jpg
Julie McAfee

"These excellent students continued laying the foundation for a new era of fine theater tradition." Mr Orr

jill harlander senior class crop.jpg
Jill Harlander
chris lotspeich senior class crop.jpg
Chris Lotspeich
92-93 Orr crop fix.jpg
Darren and Tonya would continue to give to the community as educators.
omam darren and tonya.jpg
Lenny Small (Darren Buckey) gets an earful from Curly's Wife (Tonya Moore)
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