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Star Players

Star Players  shot.jpg

The 2008-2009 North Star Players club members included top row 1: Sarah Walter, Carrie Sperduto, Heaven Miller, Marlene Lindsey, Lexi McRoberts, Kelcy Blankenship, Amanda Duran, Justus Lindsey row 2: Mr. Orr, Ty Snively, Danny Fries, Sarah Vasquez, Julian Douglas, Sonia Solarzano, Victoria Darton, Kristen Tyack, row 3: Summer Provience, Tess Orr, Lacey Wise, Julia Stapleton, Aaron Hanna, BJ White, Josh Hefner, row 4: Roni Wade, David Lefave, Megan Dials, Nehomy Garay, Estiban, Jamie Goff, Jacob Montecito, Ariel Huff, 

This year, the North Star Players would stage another production of Arsenic and Old Lace, perform another Durang piece Naomi in the Living Room at the CSUB Spotlight Festival, and a production in the round of Don't Drink the Water.

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor



Old Lace

Tess adjust(2).jpg

The Star Players undertook a fifth production of the great Kesserling play, Arsenic and Old Lace, a story of two spinster sisters who believe it is their duty to send older single men to an early grave. Here is pictured the old sisters Aunt Martha (Sarah Walter) in pink, Aunt Abby (Tess Orr) in black, and Nephew Mortimer (BJ White) in shock at the realization of his Aunts' crimes.

Mr. Gibbs (Cody Wagoner) is about to be the next victim of poisoned elderberry wine.

Uncle Teddy (Ty Snively) thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt always on some serious mission about the house.

as Teddy Brewster.jpg

Mortimer (BJ) hopes to marry Elaine (Marleen Lindsey) and be just like his great grandfather Brewster, who looks just like former Star Player Scott Costa from 1994.

Dr. Einstein (Tyler Treadwell) does his share of work in the cellar, burying dead bodies down there.

Evil Brewster brother Jonathon (Justus Lindsey) and sidekick Dr. Einstein (Tyler Treadwell) plot to kill Mortimer.

Jonathon (Justus) grapples with Officer Klein (Kelcy Blankenship) and Officer O'Hara (Lexi McRoberts) assists.

Lt. Rooney (Josh Hefner) announces the arrest of Jonathon back to the insane asylum.

Mortimer (BJ) wraps up the whole affair and leaves all well, much to the liking of Aunt Abby (Tess) and Martha (Sarah).

This all works out in time for the Aunts to offer Mr. Witherspoon (Cody Wagoner) of their homemade poisoned wine.

Because, who could ever suspect these cute old ladies of anything murderous?

The 2009 CSUB Spotlight festival:
Naomi in the Living Room
by Christopher Durang

Tess Orr, BJ White and Denise Pliska would perform at the festival. Tess would be recognized with the Outstanding Performance Award.

Naomi script page.jpg

Don't Drink the Water

dont drink 2009 cast classified.jpg

Star Players
Seniors 2009

Star Players Tess Orr and BJ White, two of our finest actors, are also fine musicians, he with guitar, she with piano and violin.

Tess and BJ off stage on campus.jpg

Senior Tess Noel Orr, President of the North Star Players this year, debuted with the Star Players in 1995 as Child MacDuff  in MacBeth when she was 5 years old. Since those days, she has become an accomplished pianist and violinist and wanted to add to her artistic talents with theater arts.  Though only with us for two years, Tess has competed at experienced levels and succeeded at both character and leading roles, awarded this year for her role as Naomi in Naomi in the Living Room at the CSUB Spotlight Festival. Her contributions to our program honor all North Star Players, past, present, and future.

Senior BJ White with his Taylor is an aspiring guitar player. BJ found his way into theater class and quickly got bit by the acting bug. Maybe he'll keep it up as with his guitar work.

Tess at age five as Child MacDuff in the Star Players' production of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

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