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1971 - 1972

The International Thespians Troupe 1293 was sticking with their director and North Star Players moniker this year.

June Gaede continues as the Thespians director and advisor

Thespians officers Laura Williams, scribe; Nina Dean, publicity; Glenda Dennis, treasurer; Bob Heimiller, mascot; David Malsbury, president; Pam Kaff, vice- president.

One Foot in Heaven

The Cast of One Foot in Heaven

PICT0025 (2).JPG
PICT0037 (2).JPG
PICT0016 (3).JPG

Thespians about the stage

stage crew set up the scaffold.jpg

The stage crew knows their way around the scaffold.

PICT0005 (2).JPG

Leslie De Cew tips her hat.

Laurie Wyatt applies stage make up.

Pam Kaff prepares for performance in a 70's vibe.

Terry Hortter David Malsbury, Amy Hardin, David Rice for "One Foot" publicity.

A Gap in Generations

PICT0322 (3).JPG
PICT0329 (2).JPG

Senior Thespians graduate

Leslie DeCew

Terry Hortter

Robert Heimiller

Pam Kaff

1972 -1973 Thespians

thespian officers  fix.jpg
June Gaede (2).jpg

June Gaede

Thespians director,

club advisor

The Motley Theatre Group

This company continued in the community this year. A production of Arsenic and Old Lace was performed in August. This would be the second production of the popular play in connection with NHS theater students.

Arsenice 2 article enlarged gra.jpg

Michael Cariker plays Teddy Brewster, a character who thinks he is Theodore Roosevelt, always ready to charge up Kettle Hill as a Rough Rider or bury dead bodies while digging the Panama Canal.

Glenda Dennis, properties chairman for Motley Theatre.

Modern Dancers

Debbie Brooks Debbie Martin Susan Baisden Judy Ashmore fix.jpg

Moderrn Dancers Debbie Brooks, Debbie Martin, Susan Baisden, and Judy Ashmore unveil their skill on the stage.

Heidi Engel arabian dance JAN 18 73 fix (2).jpg

Heidi Engel in a moment from Arabian Dance.

Modern Dancer Susan Baisden in Wandering Waves.

dancer Susan Baisden in wandering waves fix.jpg
Jenny Upchurch Katy Turney Sandy Barnes Asylum fix.jpg

Jenny Upchurch, Katy Turney, Sandy Barnes from Asylum.

The Merchant of Venice

Roslyn Regier sews yet another costume.


Glenda Dennis
Leo Hupp
Bill Lewis
Elizabeth McKinney
Patsy Jacobs
Mike McCoy
Roger Upton. fix .jpg
Chris Olson
Roger Upton
An accomplished costume designer/maker, Roger would have a substantial impact on local community theater.
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