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2003- 2004

North Star Players

Star Players (2).jpg

2003-2004 North Star Players club members included at top: Mr Orr, Jared Scott, Chris Hyatt,  , Joey Cavin row 2: Kathy Burgos, Alex Wood, Jerica Zimmerman,  , Heather Hewes, row 3: Liz Spaulding, Rebecca Miller, Nathalie Stecko, Megan Zimmerman, Mallorie Trueblood

There were many new and exciting actors to work with this year. These proved themselves early in handling both comedic and dramatic roles in Jackson, setting the bar for The Nerd this spring and for next year's Hamlet.

Lawrence Orr

Star Players

director, advisor

Mr Orr 2 (2).jpg

The North Star Players began the year with

And They Dance

Real Slow in


by Jim Leonard 

Actors Nathalie Stecko, Alex Wood, Joey Cavin, and Liz Spaulding during a performance of Jackson.

Actors Alex Wood, Kelsey Meadows, Heather Hewes, and Mallorie Trueblood.

slow curtain (2).jpg

The cast for "Jackson" from left: Heather Hewes, Mallorie Trueblood, Shawn Amos, Nathalie Stecko, Joey Cavin, Justin Heidelberger, Liz Spaulding, Charlie Stonebreaker, Jennifer Jones, Alex Wood, Ali Tolladay, Kelsey Meadows. Not pictured: Rebecca Miller.

Shawn Amos and Alex Woods search the area with flashlights.

Shawn and Alex.jpg
real slow (2).jpg

Alex and Liz opposite Heather and Kelsey. 

Joey Cavin and Nathalie Stecko

Joey Cavin and Charlie Stonebreaker

North Star Players Cast and Crew

Mr Orr with students.jpg

Crew members work hard, even at rest, in designing and constructing play sets. It's a team effort to prepare for every show.

Crew and cast are always available for photo-ops...

Shawn Amos (2).jpg
Nicole Morey (2).jpg

...Nathalie, Shawn, Nicole

The spring play

"The Nerd"

by Larry Shue

The Star Players offered a second production of Larry Shue's hilarious The Nerd. Here is Willum (Joey Cavin), Tansy (Megan Zimmerman, NSP Best Actress 2004), Rick (Tony Penaloza, NSP Best Actor 2004), and Axel (Cabe Culbertson) watching the apple core turn brown.

Rick (Tony Penaloza) in costume surprises the Waldgraves (Mallorie Trublood and Justin Heidelberger) and Willum (Joesph Cavin) and Tansy (Meagan Zimmerman).

Rick (Tony) has everyone in paper bags for a not-so-fun night for anyone else but Rick, and the audience.

By night's end, everyone is so done with Rick's antics, he's close to being done in.

Stage crew members check that all props are in place and properly labeled.

Not to be outdone by Rick, Thor (Heather Hewes) has a few antics up Willum's robe-sleeves. 

Clelia (Mallorie) and Waldgrave (Justin) deal with obstreperous child, Thor (Heather).

Rick (Tony) shows us his true self, Kemp Hall, as friend and co-conspirator Axel (Cabe) shares a victory toast.

2004-05-22 the nerd.JPG

Saying farewell to another cast of seniors...

Danny Burns

Reanah Logsdon

Cabe Culbertson

Jared Scott

Chris Hyatt

Charlie Stonebreaker

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