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1960 - 1961
NHS National Thespians

thespians in the amphitheater 1961.jpg

In The Suds
one-act play

1961 In The Suds info (2).jpg
gloria willoughby 1961 (2).jpg
Senior Thespian

National Thespians

Count Dracula characters from the student body play this year.

NHS Comets were also interesting characters.

NHS Comets (2).jpg

Count Dracula
student body play

This would be the first production of a play in the Dracula tradition. Count Dracula is a musical directed by Mr. Fuller, Mr. Coultas, and Mr. Horwege, the solo Thespians advisor this year.

Dick Dixon (Count Dracula) did his best scare job yet.

mr horwege.jpg
dracula cast (2).jpg

Many of the cast of Count Dracula, 1961's student body play. It may have been subtitiled Count the House! with its record-breaking attendance numbers.

The Perfect Idiot
The third Senior Class play

The Perfect Idiot production would also bring in nearly a thousand patrons.

North High's 1962
Thespians Seniors

Dick Dixon
Mike Mastagni
Natalie Snyder
Karen Wheeler

1962 - 1963
National Thespians

thespians troupe (3).jpg

National Thespians in 1962-63 included 1st row: David Efaw, Glenna Hughes, Tina Ussery, Pat Rucker, Josie Mayes, Vicki Barker,

2nd row: Pam Markum, Jean Pierson, Denise Stanbaugh, Marilym Withrow, Maureen Kiernan, Marilyn Holland, Alvah Nix, Helen Klanin,

3rd row: Clifford Haskin, Ray Stone, Richard Chapman, Don Heimforth.

In the background is the parking lot that would someday soon be reduced in size to make way for the coming theater/auditorium, the Star Dramatics Center.

Tina Ussery, Thespians President

Diane Borowski would take over the reins of advising/directing the National Thespians.

Bye, Bye, Birdie

NHS would stage Birdie this first time, just a year after the Broadway hit musical made the scene.

NHS Dance performers

dancers on the gym floor (2).jpg

Mrs. Margaret Harrison, advisor, with Sue Willson, Bonnie Sanchez, and Adrienne Macy on the gym floor.

Modern Dance students Donna Congdon, Linda McKenzie, and Brenda Orloff demonstrate form.

The Curious Savage

Thespian Seniors '63

Thomas Hart
Don Heimforth
Carol Jackson
Sharon Jolly
Clarence Killion
Linda McNeill
Mark Montgomery
Alvah Nix
Carla Rigdon
Shirley Richards
Sue Willson
Marilyn Withrow
A page of the yearbook had a theater theme fitting for departing seniors.
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