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1985 - 1986

Patricia Ford continues in her second year as Star Players director, advisor

Aresenic and Old Lace III

Teddy Brewster (Tyler Creek) trumpets from "San Juan Hill" in this third NHS production of the famous play by Joseph Kesserling

Before it all goes up, the set, lighting, and makeup must be in place. Randy Stone and Raymond Smithson work with lights backstage and from the ante-proscenium.

Laura Ross, who plays 70 year old Aunt Martha, gets silvered up by Steve Russell.

Young male actor Robert Duquette is helped with his make-up by young female Michelle Hearn, in the tradition of NHS protocol.

Artis Johnson, who plays Reverend Harper, is adjusted by Technical Director Roxanne Campbell

Fresnels are hung by Ed French and helpers the old fashioned way, by ladder, up to the 17-foot high battens.

Director Patty Ford receives opening night balloons.

1986 - 1987

Patricia Ford
Serving a third year as Star Players director and advisor.

The Medicine Man

In this Southern-fried comedy about medical ethics and NASCAR, a beer-swilling machinist must take on family, lover, minister and a Cherokee shaman to keep his mother on this side of eternity.

Because a dimmer interface replaced the original throw switch operation located offstage, lighting operations could now be effected from the tech booth, in back of the house, using a lighting console. Here, Frank Robinson operates the board.

Ray Huff sets up the deck surfaces of the scaffold which enables Oleta Stanfield to safely hang wallpaper on the upper heights of the set.

Lonnie (John Mansbach) embraces Isabel (Alicia Rex) on the unfinished staircase.

Agnes (Terri Collins) signs in Val (Steven Wilkinson) for a room in the desert hotel.

Isabel (Alicia Rex) awaits healing from Sagamore (Scott Evans)

Seniors leaving the Star Players...

Terri Collins

Vale Smith

Dennis Ottens

Steven Wilkinson

Our Town II

June Gaede returns to direct Our Town this year, the second production of the play at North High.

Stage crew members Kurt Fredrick, Jet Churcman, and Jim Park work out details of the set changes.

Actor Victoria Burton will play a choir lady.

Christopher Davis and Cari Parker (2).jpg

Such nice male actors reverse the tradition of females helping the males. Doug Plivelich probably buttons up Missy Peaker's costume.

Christopher Davis fusses with Cari Parker's accessories.

Monica Gonzalez Victoria Burton (2).jpg

Lisa Chandler checks her hair again.

Ms. Carol Donahue applies makeup for this show, anticipating her skills for directing in the future.

Monica Gonzalez helps Victoria Burton adjust her costume.

Patty Ford turns over directing responsibilities so she can work the lights up in that cushy tech booth.

1987 - 1988

The North Star Players had the help of former director June Gaede who teamed up with Patty Ford for play productions.

North Star Players Seniors...

Jet Churchman

Kurt Fredrick

Jim Park

Melissa Peaker

Doug Plivelich

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