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The 2019-2020 North Star Players would include members Ivy Polkinghorne, Dylan Noble, Logan Scott, Rachel Littlefield, Alexis Devault, Bradley Ross, Summer Pebworth, Kellsy Burks, Samantha Hogan, Ian Clairday, Adrionna Hernandez, Liberty Moore, 

Lawrence Orr
North Star Players
director, advisor

The Fall Production:
Night Must Fall

The NSP fall production of Night Must Fall would be the second of this famous play by Emlyn Williams, since the other in 2008. Pictured is a scene in silouhette, added to the script for visual effect, featuring actors Dylan Noble and Sammy Hogan in a more than tense moment.

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Later, when the fun and games were done, Sammy got serious in her tech role as stage manager, and cast member Ivy Polkinghorne was still terrified.

The bitter and fussy Mrs. Bramson (Rachel Littlefield) berates niece Olivia (Ivy Polkinghorne) while attended to by Nurse Libby (Kellsy Burks).

Cook, Mrs. Terrence (Alexis Devault), is often called to other duties, such as pushing about the chair of the lady who has an aversion to walking.

Mrs. Bramson pleasures in bullying maid Dora (Summer Pebworth).

Dora, Olivia, Mrs. Terrence, and Hubert (Bradley Ross) are caught by Danny (Dylan Noble) as they go through his private possessions. 

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Inspector Belsize (Logan Scott) questions Mrs. Terrence (Alexis) about the habits of Danny, the newcomer to the household.

Mrs. Bramson, left alone for the night, is terrified that she might be murdered, until, of course, Danny shows up.

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Just in time, others return, and Inspector Belsize arrests Danny who has confessed all to save Olivia from any responsibility.

After smothering Mrs. Bramson, Danny confronts Olivia, the only person left that can identify him.

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_MG_6104 (2).jpg

The final curtain for Night Must Fall.

The Shakespeare Festival

The Star Players would perform at the local festival this year, offering a cutting from A Comedy of Errors. For their efforts, the Star Players were awarded Second Place in the Ensemble Scenes category and received a trophy.

Judges were impressed with the use of mobile stage set-pieces that seamlessly transitioned to form new locales, from villa walls to ocean crafts to tent structures. Actors were credited for their comic timing and colorful characterizations.

Some participated in the mono-duo segment of the festival as well.

The 2020 spring play:

Neil Simon's Rumors

This would be the fourth production of this crazy play so beloved by audiences.

The cast in dress rehearsal for 2020's Rumors. 

Rachel Littlefield,

"still getting dressed"

for her role as Cookie.

The week after we performed Rumors, the state of California suspended at-school attendance due to the flu epidemic. We were lucky to have gotten our show off, as other schools were still in rehearsals for their shows and had to halt production no matter the loss to both money and hearts.

Senior Star Players leaving us this year...

Ivy Polkinghorne

From her very first role as Vera Claythorne in And Then There Were None, Ivy became invaluable to the Star Players. She started as a freshman understudy only to find herself in a leading role as fortune turned. After that, she was cast in every mainstage production and competition through her senior year.

Ivy always attended set construction days, as well, contributing to the effort in every way, every time.

Ever the red-blooded North Star Player, Ivy gave her all to our fine theater tradition.   

Ivy graduate (2).JPG

Sean McCourt

Liberty Moore

Daniel Murray

Logan Scott

Summer Pebworth

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