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1975 - 1976

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North Star Players row 1:D. Murphy, D. Milton, B. Gaede, row 2: B. Bonnet, R. Shirer, L. Goon, L. Christian, K. Hammons, row 3: D. Knowles, L. McDowell, L. LaPree, S. Riggan, M. Goodson, B. Hartman, M. Kelsey.

North Star Players row 1: W. Murdock, K. Thompson, D. Syfrett, row 2: V. Myers, D. Rowland, M. Perryman. A. Koenig, M. McKee, row 3: J. Tommasini, R. Curry, P. Schneider, J. Hauser, M. Jones.

june Gaede (2).jpg

June Gaede, director of the North Star Players.


Monster (Mark Goodson) is on the loose in Frankenstein.

Liz Litteral is Elizabeth, love interest of Victor.

Missy McKee, writer and director, dresses her Monster (Mark Goodson).

Victor (Andy Koenig) doctor-splaining to Monster (Mark) and Igor (Kenny Thompson)

Mother (Denise Milton) in discontent.

Igor (Kenny) and his magic string.

Even Victor (Andy) is not safe from the Monster (Mark) he created.

Monster (Mark) contemplating evil.

Victor appealing to Mother for understanding.

NHS's second production of
William Shakespeare's

Romeo and Juliet

Mike Lackey rehearses Romeo (3).jpg

Romeo (Mike Lackey) discovers his love Juliet (Bridget Bonnet), seemingly dead.

Ms. Gaede ages Nurse, Missy McKee.

A Lady in Waiting (Jill Nelson) waits on an actor.

Brian Billington and David Rowland wait for no one in dressing themselves.

Liz Litteral has Melissa Perryman in a bind.

Dawn Knowles will unveil her Lady Capulet soon enough.

Fred Ansolabehere practices his entrance.

Friar Lawrence (Robert Shire) explains to Romeo (Mike Lackey).

Lofty Christian plays Lord Capulet.

Nurse (Missy) witnesses Capulet's (Lofty) scorn for Juliet (Bridget) 

Juliet gives a last kiss to her beloved Romeo.

The dead lovers are discovered.

For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

The members of the crew several years in the making: row 1 C. Jannah, V. Myers, R Curry, M. McKee, J. Nelson row 2 A. Koenig, D. Syfrett, J. Murdock. M Goodson, B. Gaede, J. Tommasini.

Modern Dance

dancers 2 (3).jpg

Nancy Potter in Gone with the Wind.

Michelle Bohrer, Teresa Coleman, Diane Hendricks, Pam Malsbury in The Sounds of Silence.

Donna Helms in The Odyssey.

Nancy Potter, Renee Brooks in The Exorcist.

Vicki Willard, above Teresa Coleman, points to Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Jeri Lind as Romeo and Dawn Knowles as Juliet in A Time for Us.

Our Town

Star Players

Fred Ansolabehere
Mark Goodson
Jeff Ross senior class crop.jpg
Jeff Ross
Brian Billington
Chris Hannah senior class stage crew cro (2).jpg
Chris Hannah
Robert Shire
Lofty Christian
Michelle McKee
Daniel Syfrett
Robert Curry
William Murdock
Joseph Tommasini
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