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2012 - 2013 
Star Players

Cody Ferguson would lead the 2012-2013 North Star Players club members along the primrose path, which fortunately ended well for everyone. Members this year included Allison Ellis, Anthony Booth, Anyssa Martinez, Autumn Hoggard, Ben Orell, Damien Wallace, Dillon Thompson, Elizabeth Lake, Flynt Burton, Jarrod Dorton, Juan Hernandez, Kelsey Teague, Lily Denesha, Mallek Smiley, Nick Joiner, Sam Nobles, Taylor Elliot, Cassidy Curtis, Cheyenne Reyes.

This year, the North Star Players would put up an NHS production of Noel Coward's Blythe Spirit, attend the Shakespeare Festival with Merry Wives of Windsor, the CSUB Spotlight Festival with David Ives' Babels in Arms, and finished the year with the ambitious second NHS production of Stenbeck's Of Mice and Men.

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

Shakespeare Festival:
Merry Wives of Windsor

Blythe Spirit


Noel Coward

Melissa Atkerson, Sam Nobles, Cody Ferguson and Allison Ellis in Blythe Spirit.

Sam Noble as Charles Condomine.

Sam and Melissa as Charles and Ruth Condomine.

Lily Denesha as Elvira Condomine.

Cody and Allison as Dr. and Violet Bradman.

Elvira and Charles have a love/hate relationship.

The CSUB Spotlight Festival:

David Ives' Babels in Arms

The spring 2012 production:
Of Mice and men

George (Sam Noble) tells Lenny (Jarrod Dorton) about the rabbits.

George, Whit (Flynt Burton), and Slim (Nick Joiner) play cards in the bunkhouse.

Candy (Damien Wallace) and his old dog.

Carlson (Cody Ferguson) faces off with Curly (Ben Orrel)

George is perplexed.jpg

Curly's Wife (Anyssa Martinez) faces off with George.

Lenny is too rough with Curly's Wife.

George realizes the only way to save Lenny from Curly's revenge.

Cast and crew members in a lighter moment.

Awards nominees

Best Actor: Sam Nobles  Cody Ferguson
Best Actress: Liz Lake, Anyssa Martinez
Best Supporting Actor: Jared Dorton, Cody , Sam
Best Supporting Actree: Liz Lake, Kelci Teague, Alison Ellis, Anyssa
Best in Improv: Cody Ferguson, Damien Wallace, Jared, Sam
Best Newcomer: Damien, Anthony Booth, Flynt Burton, Kelci, Nick Joiner
Best technical Student: Dillon Thompson, Taylor Elliot, Alison


Senior Star Players, 2013

Melissa Atkerson

Anyssa Martinez

Taylor Elliot

Anthony Booth Ortiz

Sam Noble

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