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1958 - 1959
NHS National Thespians

1958 Drama Class .jpg

This is a photo of the 1958-59 Dramatics Class . Students include first row, left to right: Cherie Carr, Shirley Kennedy, Roberta Hamble, Carol Keene, Pat Kyle,  Lnda Cherry.

Second row: Judy Martin, Laru King, Pat Herron, Karen Brown, Dorothy Hilbert.

Third row: LaVada Tinney, Donna Dean, Joyce Freeman, Ellen Hall, Kathy McNabb, Earlene Morgan, Barbara Kasper, Alverna Carpenter

Fourth row:   Jimmy Cox, Eric Peavy, Larry Adams, Tom Harrington, Rita Lawton, Jeanita Peercy, Karen Bock, Gay Caughell.

Gay Caughell

Thespians President

Twelve Angry People

The National Thespians began the year with the production of Twelve Angry People by  Reginald Rose. Cheri Carr and Sue Tinney portray jurors on the edge of indecision.

Popy Eliotou, Judy Wilburn, and Phil Bender as other jurors who sweat it out deciding the fate of a young man.

Jurors, played by Larry Adams and Judy Fisher, are not comfortable about sending an innocent man to prison.

Carnival of Short Plays

National Thespians would participate in the Carnival of Plays held in the Little Harvey at Bakersfield High School. North High's offerings for the day were two plays, including Alexander Proposes, featuring the acting of Gloria Busby and Artie Flint.

NHS National Thespians
about the campus

Carr Corner

The lovely Cherie Carr was a leader of reknown for North High students. Award-winning actor, Thespians vice-President, and school Valedictorian, and one of two voted Best All Around students. It was fitting that she was voted Homecoming Queen.

Sophomore class officer and Thespian, Kathy McNabb

Dancers Perform

Mrs. Melza Barr would direct the dancers of North High in the Carnivalito Performance.

"Kind Lady"
The Second Senior Class play

kind lady cast (2).jpg

Cast members for Kind Lady included Richard Boultinghouse (Peter Stanford), Joan Short (Rose), Darlene Rawlins (Phyllis), Richard Blaisdell (Henry Abbott), Norma Heyart (Lucy), Jean Lund (Mrs. Edwards), Ronnie Merrill (Gustav Rosenberg), Doug Powell (Mr. Edwards), Russell Reit (Doctor), Dorothy Schaefer (Aggie), Jeanne Silkwood (Ada), Doug Christensen (Mr. Foster), Meridee Crawford (Mary Herries,the kind lady).

Kind Lady program 1 (2).jpg
1958 second night Kind Lady article (2).jpg
kind Lady 4 adjust (2).jpg

North High's 2nd
Thespians Seniors

Larry Adams
Cherie Carr

1959 - 1960
National Thespians

Tom Harrington

Thespians President

Henry Horwege

Thespians co-advisor

Rita Lawton

Thespians Vice President

Don Soelberg

Thespians co-advisor


Budding Thespians, Sharon Mendiburu and Jan, rehearse.

quad (3).jpg

Picnic at the park.

Turkey Trot notice by the green pillars.

NHS students are not all wet.

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