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1963 - 1964

Thespians Troupe 1293

Thespians troupe.jpg

Last year's Thespians advisor, Miss Borowski, got married! Congratulations, MRS. Heltsley!

Theater Theme again for the yearbook:

Theater theme again.jpg

Perhaps Mrs. Heltsley had some influence with the Yearbook advisor.

Inspired by the Oildale Melodrama up the street, The NHS National Thespians produce their first melodrama.

Dear Nellie dont ever forsake me for Munro (2).jpg

"Dear Nellie!"

"Dear Nellie! Don't ever forsake me for Munro!"

"Daddy, won't you please come home?"

ohh la la (2).jpg

"Ooh la la!"

NHS Modern Dancers

Other one acts produced:

"I can't throw that away!"

"Say you'll buy a ticket!""

say youll buy a ticket (2).jpg

"Hear's the scoop, dahlings..."

"Mrs. Partridge and the Senator of the solid, gold Cadillac."

Still no Star Drama Center...

No Hall crop.jpg

Looking northerly from the west quad, the skyline is still void of the future Star Drama Center, but not for long...

This artist's rendering shows a bit of the intended theater that would become the Star Drama Center, future home of the NHS Thespians.

Meanwhile, out in the amphitheater...

"Touch our women and see what happens!"

best shape (2).jpg

In another location...

Though it remains unclear who had the best shape, one of them was tall enough.

Senior Thespians of 1964

Clifford Haskin

Maureen Kiernan

Marilyn Holland

Ray Stone

1964 - 1965

NHS Thespians

Thespians group adjusted (3).jpg
Richard Hark drama director (3).jpg

Troupe 1293 would get a new director this year, Richard Hark.

Pat Rucker, Thespians President

Thespians in action

...and other actors about...

"Nerves of blue-steel."

1965 - 1966

National Thespians

Margo Chandley,
National Thespians Advisor

National Thespians officers

At long last!
The Star Drama Center lives!

aerial 67 b (2).jpg

Staging productions at NHS would be so much more convenient for its Thespians, and the wonderful Standard School stage would be more available to its middle-school student body.

Romeo and Juliet

To initiate the long-awaited Star Drama Center, the National Thespians Troupe 1293 would produce their first full-length production of the classic play of Star-crossed lovers.

Miss Margo Chandley  directs Romeo and the Friar from the house seats.

stage crew members (2).jpg

Stage crew members Duane Linenberger, Bob Voyle, Larry Villines, and Ken Perry prepare the wagons.

lighting technicians of ONeill Hall (2).jpg

With the new equipment, technicians Gary Holland, Jim Knowlton, David Hicks, and Brad Anrig help make the actors look good with their off-stage lighting controls.

From above and below, from the catwalk to the footlights, Thespians would shine bright.

"The play's the thing..."

Juliet and Nurse.

...other strange goings on with Thespians...

About campus life...

NHS students study at every opportunity.

Student Patty Brundage would become a member of the National Thespians Troupe 1293, and an NHS dancer long before becoming a beloved teacher at North. Patty would also help with choregraphy for several play productions in her career.

The ever-evolving campus quad.

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