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Star Players

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Star Players club members  are head-over-heels for the new year of theater. This year's members included  Alli Sturn, Krissy Baker, Ben Brogan, Peter Orr, Jason Colbert, Krista Gaines, Sheryce Scott, Michaela Vecht, Sabrina Obert, Sarah Lovell, Josh Hudnel, Erin Verrell, Jarod Kibbe, Brad Cordova, Jillian Elyse, Blanca Vela, Laura Wilson, Mr. Orr, Brandy Knight, Vanessa Roberts, Kim Nobela. 

Mr. Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

The fall 2001 production:
The Rope by Plautus

The Star Players this year would take on the challenge of producing one of the oldest plays in the world, The Rope by Plautus. The play is a Roman romantic comedy in which Palaestra, daughter of Daemones, and the handsome young Plesidippus get together. Here, Sceparnio (Peter Orr) fends off questions from his master, Daemones (Krissy Baker) as Fishermen (Michaela Vecht, Anna Bergquist), Charmides (Alli Sturn), Trachario (Jason Colbert), Ampelisca (KaSandra McCants), and Ptolemocratia (Erin Verrell) look on.

Here, Plesidippus (Jarrod Kibbe) holds Palaestra (Destin Grant) while slave Trachalio (Jason Colbert) enjoys the company of Ampelisca (KaSandra McCants).

The Fishermen, Michaela Vecht, Jillian Elyse, and Anna Bergquist) after a bad day fishing, decide to offer a sacrifice to the gods.

The two slaves, Sceparnio (Peter Orr) and Trachalio (Jason Colbert) grapple over the netted trunk. 

The priestess Ptolemacratia (Erin Verrell) hears the supplications of Palaestra (Destin) and Ampelisca (KaSandra).

Peter and Jason in the Rope fix.jpg

Friend 1 (TJ Anglin) and Trachalio (Jason) hold back Labrax (Brad Cordova) in the squabble for the contents of the trunk.

The cast of The Rope take a break during rehearsal for a group photo. From left front, Krissy Baker, Brad Cordova, Ben Brogan, Maycee Scott, Destin Grant, KaSandra McCants, Peter Orr, TJ Anglin, Jarrod Kibbe, Erin Verrell, Anna Bergquist, Jason Colbert.

The Shakespeare Festival

Blanca Vela is one of several theater students to help construct set pieces for the plays this year.


Here, she is working on the mobile Jack-in-the-Box that would contain actors in the ensemble scene for the Shakespeare festival.

Students (Jillian Elyse, Laura Wilson, Maycee Scott, Erin Verrell, KaSandra McCants, Brad Cordova, Sheryce Scott, Ben Brogan, Krissy Baker, TJ Anglin) pose for pics after taking time out from rehearsal or set construction. These mime-performimg actors were in close quarters inside "the box", coordinating it's movement with the mime-controller outside.  

Nick Carter won't take time out to pose, given Mr. Orr's, and son Peter's, seriousness about the upcoming competition.

The ensemble scene was from The Comedy of Errors. The concept was of a mime performance of Shakespeare; off-stage actors voiced the onstage miming actors.

A Trio scene was also entered into for competition. A selection from Much Ado About Nothing was performed by Jason Colbert, Krissy Baker, and Brad Cordova. The mime theme continued as Brad  played several characters through a ventriloquist's dummy. Jason played Benedick, Krissy played Beatrice.

Star Players about the scene...

Krista Gaines and Brad Cordova.jpg

Krista Gaines and Brad Cordova formal it up.

Krissy Baker rests before her next rehearsal, probably.

Beginning theater student Charlie Stonebreaker outside of class, and Justin Coefield and Austin Choate in class reading from their script.

Theater student Sonny Petris looks up to the catwalk where he has left the leko wrench, again.

Theater student Troy Guess with friends at lunch, years before he would become a fantastic NHS teacher.

Veteran Erin Verrell probably scolds KaSandra McCants for being late on her entrance...

Veteran Star Player Alli Sturn rehearsing outdoors the "lost-earring scene" from Rumors.

The spring play

Rumors iii

The Star Players of 2002 produced North High's third production of Rumors by Neil Simon, a play which always has audiences laughing from opening to close. Here is the moment as Act II begins and everyone who didn't tell anyone now knows everybody told everyone...

Glen (Ben Brogan) and wife Cassie (Erin Verrell) face off at the party.

Cookie (Anna Bergquist) has Claire (Alli Sturn) and the rest on their knees searching the whole floor for the earrings in her hand.

Ken (Peter Orr), now partially deaf, accuses others of keeping the secret from him as Cookie and Cassie look on.

Officers Welch (Jillian Elyse) and Pudney (Michaela Vecht) answer the call about the gunshots that nobody heard even as Ken now hears like a German Shepherd.

Lenny (Jason Colbert) launches into his unbelievable monolog, waving the gun at Cassie, who shields Glenn from certain death. 

Ernie (Jarrod Kibbe) tries to remain calm just before Lenny points the gun at him.

Chris (Krissy Baker) joins Ken in leading the rest up the stairs just before Myra yells her name from the basement fulfililng Lenny's made-up plot.

Senior Star Players, 2002

The North Star Players Best Senior 2002 Award  went to Jason Colbert. For several years, Jason had joined so many other NHS actors to help create animated characters and competitive energy, on our stage and others. He would be voted Best Actor two years running. Jason could also be found for set construction and technical assistance.

Jason is a friend to all and his dedication to theater helped others to excel.

Jason Colbert

NSP Best Actor 2001, 2002

NSP Best Senior 2002

The following other excellent senior Star Players helped raise the quality of NHS theater. Many served as technical crew members and managers in addition to their finely acted roles. Because of their efforts in as many as four years, our tradition of fine theater craft carries on.

Brad Cordova

Kathy Holland

Alli Glick

Maycee Scott

Krista Gaines

Erin Verrell

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