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Star Players

Star Players.jpg

Star Players club members  were really more than united than this boys-versus-girls photo depicts. This 2002-2003 club members included  Destin Grant, Krissy Baker, Mr. Orr, Anna Bergquist, Jo Ezell, Ben Brogan, Rachel Russell, Michaela Vecht, Miranda Clark, Laura Wilson, Jared Scott, Chris Hyatt, Jarod Kibbe, Alex Woods, Jared Ming, Justin Sargent, Stephen Hetblack. Not pictured: Peter Orr,  Jillian Elyse, Blanca Vela, Alli Sturn, Tony Penaloza, Danny Burns... 

Mr Orr (2).jpg

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

Summer Stock Theater, 2003

The fall 2002 production:
Elmer Rice's "Street Scene"

Mrs. Maurrant's been shot crop.jpg

The Star Players characters of Street Scene react as ambulance workers appear to retreive the dead body of Mrs. Murrant

Crew members pose in a shot representing their construction of a most complicated stage set. It would become a two story "Brownstone" apartment house circa 1929 New York City. The crew included students Laura Wilson, Easton Ellington, Kate Adamson, Danny Burns, Andrew Foster, Jay Meadows, Peter Orr, Tony Penalosa, Alex Woods, Cody Wood.

The program here reveals the listing of characters on the left, the actors on the right, except for Peter Orr...

Rachel Russell and Jillian Rogers prepare for the final dress rehearsal.

Other actors get ready for their entrances, including TJ Anglin, Justin Sargent, Kate Adamson, Danny Burns, and Anna Bergquist.

TJ Anglin (3).jpg

Krissy Baker, playing Emma Jones, poses in the green room with her dog.

Anna Bergquist fix crop.jpg

Emma (Krissy Baker) looks on as Rose (Rachel Russell) speaks to her mother, Anna (Jill Rogers).

in character fix.jpg

Krissy, Kate, Ryan Bentley, Jillian, Jay Meadows, Ashley Kelley, Stephen Hetblack, and Justin out on the stoop.

Dick (Ben Brogan) and Mae Jones (Alli Sturn) discuss their night out.

Emma (Krissy) looks on as Sam (Peter Orr) is bullied by Vincent (Alex Woods) when trying to protect Rose (Rachel).

Anna (Jillian) and Sankey, the milkman (Jared Scott) exchange pleasantries on the stoop.

Rose (Rachel) speaks her love for Sam (Peter).

Rachel Peter Jofix crop.jpg

Rose (Rachel) is the object of several men, as well as Harry Easter (Jarod Kibbe). 

Ben and Alli pose in character offstage.

Jo eyebrows refix.jpg

Jo Ezelle gets touched up in the dressing room.

Characters react as the bloody Frank Murrant (Jay) enters with a pistol after shooting Anna.

Anna, Alex, Rachel,fix .jpg

Anna Bergquist, Alex Woods, Rachel Russell, and Danny Burns after another fine performance.

The Winter production of

"Don't Drink the Water"

Dim lit wits adjusted 1.jpg

Many of the actors from November's drama Street Scene returned for the cast in February's Woody Allen comedy Don't Drink the Water. The play was the third production staged in-the-round, the audiences sitting onstage in close proximity with the actors. It was SRO each performance, and no doctor in the house was needed to keep audiences in stitiches.

Susan Hollander (Anna Bergquist) is admired by Axel Mcgee (Ben Brogan). Sister Drobney (Alli Sturn) welcomes the audience with her opening monologue.

Krojack (Jarod Kibbe) faces off with alleged spy Walter Hollander (Jo Ezelle).

Marian Hollander (Krissy Baker) wrestles on the floor with Sister Drobney (Alli) trying to extricate her from her straight-jacket-magic-trick.

Mr. Kilroy (Stephen Hetblack) worked hard to keep Axel from blowing up the embassy.

Countess Bordoni (Ashley Kelley) and Kasnar (Chris Hyatt) are honored guests at the embassy.

Axel (Ben) and Ms. Burns (Jillian Elyse) try to prevent Walter (Jo) from creating another international incident with the Sultan of Bashir (Alex Woods).

Alli and Ben were caught backstage sometime before their entrance.

Kilroy (Stephen) stands between Krojack (Jarod) and Axel (Ben) to keep them from starting world war three.

Walter embraces his love Marian, while Axel embraces the Sultan.

Before Chef  Amir (Peter Orr) came to the embassy, he did very little cooking.

Star Players about the scene...

The Star Players are often captured about campus doing good. Here, Peter Orr assists in capturing the elusive Phantom Photographer of O'Neill Hall.

The Man in Hetblack fix.jpg

Star Player Alli Sturn can always be found very involved in the student body government, while Star Player Stephen Hetblack, The Man in Black, is often found practicing singing in the dressing room for its optimal acoustic effects.

Cast members enjoy ice cream at a traditional after-performance party at Rosemary's.

Anna eating crop.jpg

Before rehearsal, veteran actor Anna eats healthy, having a salad instead of a "Berg-er," while Alex Woods prefers his brownie to a healthy meal. Oh, those skaters!

students (2).jpg

Here, several beginning students prepare to perform their Theater/Film final.

Ashley Kelley at the formal.

From the catwalk to the scene storage room, the Phantom Photographer captured all kinds of images. Funny how they all refer to Peter.

The spring play

Run for your Wife 2.0

This spring the Star Players  returned with a second historical production of Run for your Wife by Ray Cooney.  The madcap play was no less a hit than its previous production and our latest actors had a ball. Here, actors Ben Brogan, Peter Orr, and Alli Sturn appear in the opening scene just after John's taxi-car accident that will immensely complicate his life with both his wives.

Mary Smith (Alli Sturn) deals with the inexplicable antics of her husband John (Peter), neighbor Stanley (Jo Ezelle), and Inspector Porterhouse (Jarod Kibbe). 

John (Peter) catches Bobby (Chris Hyatt) red-handed emerging from Barbara's (Krissy Baker) bedroom.

Stanley (Jo) hides from Porterhouse (Jarod) in the wastebasket.

Stanley (Jo) reacts as John (Peter) deceptively explains his sexuality to the very disgusted Troughton (Ben). 

Mary (Alli) and John (Peter) look on as Detective Troughton (Ben) gets an earful from Detective Porterhouse (Jarod) about Stanley's (Jo) misperceived sexuality.

John and Mary fix (2).jpg

John feigns another call to fend off Mary as Stanley fends off the Reporter (Alex Woods).

Senior Star Players, 2003

Peter Orr 

NSP Best Actor 2003

Best Senior 2003

As documented in these pages, actor Peter Orr was involved in NHS Theater long before he attended North High. Peter "cut his teeth" on our stage, not to mention other cuts and bruises from set construction. 

Six main stage productions and the local Shakespeare and CSUB Spotlight festival competitions.

Last year's Best Supporting Actor award winner, Peter received the Best Actor award this year, and shares the Best Senior Award this year. Over the years, Peter selflessly contributed to technical design and application. Thank you, Peter!

So many excellent senior Star Players  would leave us this year, each of them helped raise the quality of NHS theater, either as actors, technicians, or both. Because of their efforts in as many as four years, our tradition of fine theater craft carries on.

TJ Anglin

Krissy Baker

Star Players Best Actress

2002, 2003

Anna Bergquist

Ben Brogan

2003 Best Supporting Actor

Jo Ezelle

Destin Grant

Stephen Hetblack

Ashley Kelley

Jarod Kibbe

Jay Meadows

Rachel Russell

Justin Sargent

Alli Sturn

Star Players Best Actress 2001

Michaela Vecht

Laura Wilson

Jillian Elyse Pascoe would share the Best Senior title this year. Jillian has been an essential part of our theater program for four years, both preparing shows for performance and acting and managing our shows.  Last year's Best Supporting Actress played a leading role in this year's Street Scene.

Voted NSP Best Senior 2003, her relentless support of  the Star Players these years has helped us to be competitive and entertaining for our community. Thank you, Jillian.

Jillian Elyse

Star Players Best Senior 2003

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