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Star Players

Star Players (2).jpg

The 2007-2008 North Star Players club members included Mr. Orr, Leanna Lowry, Brylyn Stacy, Alex Abrams, row 2: Trevin Willis, Tess Orr, Chris Ford, Laura Navarro, row 3: Carrie Sperduto, Amanda Duran, Erin Walter, Christina Gray row 4:  Sarah Walter, John, Lisa Cervantes, , Kasmira Anderson, Elizabeth Belski, Stephanie . 

This year, the North Star Players ambitiously engaged in the Shakespeare Festival yet again with scenes from The Tempest. The CSUB Spotlight Festival saw us perform Baby with the Bathwater by Christopher Durang. We also successfully produced Jean Giraudoux's Ondine for the spring play.

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

The Tempest

by William Shakespeare

Chris as Prospero Marleen and Tess Orr as Ariel.jpg

The Star Players took The Tempest to the annual Shakespeare Festival in 2007. Cast members included in this shot are Prospero (Chris Ford), Marleen Lindsey and Tess Orr who performed a double-vision Ariel, allowing the character to be in more than one place at a time.

Prospero (2).jpg

Prospero (Chris Ford) commands the spirits and elements.


Ariel (Marleen) and Miranda (Brylyn Stacy) stay alert to fend off the hated Caliban (Trevin Willis).

Caliban (Trevin Willis) can only do the bidding of his master, Prospero.

Actors made up the arms and legs of the Caliban creature. These included Mandylynn Duran, Kasmira Anderson, Stevie Wagner, Liz Belski, Sarah Walter, Devin Bellamy, Leanna Lowry, Christina Gray, Bryce Vlach

Brylyn Stacy backstage hiding from Caliban.

Beginning Theater students
slug it out for the student body

Christina Gray (2).jpg

Hermia (Julia Stapleton) tackles Helena (Meghan Stephens) in A Midsummer Night's Dream for the student body assembly.

Kasmira Anderson as Romeo

Christina Gray as Lamblet.

Devin Bellamy as Hamlet.


Helena (Meghan) is wooed mistakenly by Demetrius (Trevin Willis) and Lysander (Jacob Montecito), even coming to blows.

Breann Higgins as Lady Macbeth

Night Must Fall

by Emlyn Williams

A humorous moment from the drama mystery Night Must Fall. Dora Parkoe (Tess Orr), Mrs. Terence (Lisa Cervantes), Olivia Grayne (Brylyn Stacy) and Hubert Laurie (Trevin Willis) have been caught by Dan (Bryce Vlach) as they were going through his stuff for clues to the murder.

Dan (Bryce) has charmed Mrs. Bramson (Alex Abrams) into becoming her full-time aide, while Olivia (Brylyn) suspects he is hiding his true self.

Inspector Belsize (Steven Chase) questions Dan about a missing girl found murdered near by. 

Mrs. Terence (Lisa) and Nurse Libby (Christina Gray) are also taken in by Dan's charm and attend him after a fainting spell.

Everyone tolerates the mistreatment they receive from Mrs Bramson, though Mrs. Terence is on to her ruse.

Olivia has let Dan into her dark thoughts and they share an understanding of each other.

...the horrifying moment when Mrs. Bramson realizes of what evil Dan is capable.

The 2008 CSUB Spotlight festival:
Baby with the Bathwater
by Christopher Durang

by Jean Giraudoux

Ondine cast good.jpg

2008 NSP Awards Nominees...

Best Supporting Actress nominees include: 

   LeAnna Lowry for the Queen in Ondine

Marlene Lindsey for her Ariel in The Tempest.

Best Supporting Actor nominees include:

   Steven Chase for his Lord Chamberlain in Ondine

BJ White for Bertram in Ondine

Trevin Willis for John A in Baby with the Bathwater

Ty Snively for Auguste in Ondine.

Best in Improv winners are:

Lisa Cervantes and Alex Abrams

Best Actor nominees include:

   Chris Ford for Hans in Ondine,

John B in BWTB, Prospero in The Tempest

Bryce Vlach for Danny in Night Must Fall, John C in BWTB

Best Actress nominees include:

Brylyn Stacy for Olivia in NMF, Bertha in Ondine,

Helen A in BWTB, Miranda in The Tempest

Alex Abrams for her Mrs. Bramson in NMF,

roles in Ondine, Helen B in BWTB

Lisa Cervantes for Eugenie in Ondine,

Mrs. Terrence in NMF, Nanny in BWTB

Tess Orr for Ariel in The Tempest,

Dora in NMF, and Ondine in Ondine.

Best newcomer nominees includes:

Christina Gray, Stevi Wagner

Best Tech Student nominees include

Erin Walter, LeAnna Lowry

Senior Star Players, 2008

These excellent senior Star Players  would leave us this year, each of them accomplished performers who carried on the quality of NHS theater.

Alexandra Abrams

Alisa Cervantes

Christina Gray

Brylyn Stacy

Star Players Best Actress 2008

Trevin Willis

Bryce Vlach

Erin Walter

Chris Ford

Star Players Best Actor 2008

Best Senior  2008

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