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Star Players

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The 2009-2010 North Star Players club members were extra spirited! Members included Ty Snively, Edith , Gabe Solorzano, Ashton, Conner Fike, Sonia Solorzano, , Mr. Orr, Ariel Clark, Sonia Serrano, Tabitha Hefner, Denise Pliska, Sarah Mobley, Josh Hefner, Delecia Marzette, Tyler Moyer, Audryanna Montiel, Cody Sanford, Sarah Walter, Justus Lindsey, Calvin Penkauskas, Britnie Horton, Carrie Sperduto, Socorro Munoz, Brandon Taylor. 

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

"This year, the North Star Players would produce Arthur Miller's The Crucible for the second time since 1991. The play would challenge our actors to rise to new heights. The Spotlight Festival scene was from David Ives' Enigma Variations. The year would see a spring musical production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown."

The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

abigail fix (2).jpg

This year, the Star Players took the challenge of producing Arthur Miller's Salem witch trial era classic, The Crucible. The play featured Denise Pliska as the temptress Abigail. Shown here are also Michael Lewis who played Reverend Hale, Josh Hefner who played Reverend Parris, and Sarah Walter who played Elizabeth Proctor. 

Audryanna fix light .JPG

Tituba (Audryanna Montiel) leads the girls in forbidden paths.

Reverend Parris (Josh Hefner) worries about keeping his hold on the religious heart of the people.

Abigail's spell.JPG

Sarah Pope (Tabitha Hefner), Esther Wilkins (Nicole Nix), and Merci Lewis (Delecia Marzette) in the woods.

Abigail (Denise) summons that which she ought not.

Parris vignette (2).JPG

Parris (Josh) recovers Betty (Edith) from the ritual in the woods.

awakening bigge crop.JPG

Mercy (Delecia), Abigail (Denise) attend the fevered Betty (Edith).

Ann (Sonia Solorzano) and Thomas Putnam (Tyler Moyer) attend Betty.

John Proctor (Justus Lindsey) comes to visit the ailing Betty, with Rebecca Nurse (Nicole).

Tituba (Audryanna) is helped by Reverend Hale (Michael Lewis).

Susanna Walcott (Ariel Clark) and Sarah Pope (Tabitha) keep silent.

Giles Corey (Gabe Solorzano) with the Putnams (Sonia and Tyler).

Elizabeth (Sarah Walter) has kept a cold house since John's (Justus) infidelity.

Giles (Gabe) looks on as Rev. Hale (Michael) comforts John (Justus).

Elizabeth (Sarah) protects Mary Warren (Gabby Dominey) from John's wrath.

mary cries (2).jpg

John (Justus) forces Mary Warren (Gabby) to confess.

crucible crew.jpg

Theater students
more ways than one

Theater siblings Gabe and Sonia Solorzano pose with Carrie Kelley and others. 

Beginninng students rehearse their class projects.

Crew members Carrie Sperduto and Calvin Penkauskas help Mr. Orr prepare the next play set.

Catalina Lemus and James Barrera going over their parts.

Michael Lewis and Tabitha Hefner prepare their audition.

Orr and James Barrera and script fix crop.jpg

Several cast and crew members of The Crucible pose in a lighter moment.

The 2010 CSUB Spotlight festival:
Enigma Variations
by David Ives

2010 spring musical

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Alyssa Abla and Sonia Serrano as Woodstock and Snoopy from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Senior Star Players, 2010

These excellent senior Star Players  would leave us this year, after adding to the legacy of NHS Theater.

Delecia Marzette

Audryanna Montiel

Michael Lewis

Calvin Penkauskas

2010 Best Senior

Hannah Proffitt

Sarah Walter

2010 Best Actress

Sarah Mobley

Justus Lindsey

2010 Best Actor

Marleen Lindsey

Denise Pliska

Carrie Sperduto

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