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1969 - 1970

Thespians Troupe 1293

thespians with roger upton 1970.jpg

This year introduces Roger Upton to NHS Thespians Troupe1293 who would become an accomplished theatrical costumer locally.

June Gaede

returns as Thespians director and advisor.

June Gaede Thespian advisor (2).jpg

This year, two new traditions began for NHS theater.
The Thespians gave themselves an additional moniker - The Motley Theater Group.  Also, the Star Drama Center received the new name of O'Neill Hall, named for an administrator in the Kern High School District.

the Senior Class Play

Creon (Bob Stuck) appears to look on at Antigone (Susan Mooney) in the arms of Haemon.

Antigone struggles to free herself from Creon's guards (Chuck Cauthon, Bill Herron).

Nurse (Alice Scott) fears she has failed with Antigone's upbringing.

Flowers for Algernon

1970 Flowers for Algernon 2 (2).jpg

The Motley Theater Group produced Flowers for Algernon, that favorite of many-a high school play, in late August of 1970. The group was made up of former NHS Thespians who joined NHS summer drama workshop students in the experience.

1970 motley Algernon program 1.jpg
1970 Flowers 1.jpg
1970 motley Algernon program 3.jpg


P.J. Finlay and Bob Stuck rehearse Pygmalion.

Senior Thespians

susan mooney senior class 1970.jpg

Susan Mooney

senior bob stuck aka creon or henry higgins.jpg

Bob Stuck

1970 - 1971

The North Star Players are born!


June Gaede continues as

Thespians director and advisor.

international thespians.jpg

This year, National Thespians Troupe 1293 would begin to call its mainstage acting company

The North Star Players.

David Fields, Jerry Hubard, and Bill Lewis at the Thespians initiation event.

Agatha Christie's
The Mouse Trap

NHS's first production of The Mouse Trap included cast members Susan Holson, Mark Suorez, Roy Cook, Pam Kaff, Ken Blanton, Terry Louks, David Fields, Pete DeArmond. This was ther first North Star Players production.

 Pete Fields and Terry Louks,  wait to enter. 

Liz McKinney at rehearsal watches from the house.

Technically speaking

stage crew.jpg

These are the North Star Players, technically.

O'Neill Hall parallels were used to build a stage in the cafeteria, for some reason...

Judy Herndon, Properties Specialist, is propped on the stage proper, properly checking the props list.

kathy mccrary on the stage (2).jpg

Actors Benny Andelotte and Nina Dean look up to fellow Star Player Kathy McCrary.

Modern Dance

dancers in O'Neill Hall (2).jpg

NHS modern dancers perform "Words in Motion"

  the Down


Characters of Up the Down Staircase starting class...

PICT0083 (2).JPG

Senior Thespians,
North Star Players 
graduating 1971

Jerry Allman.jpg

Jerry Allman

8 peter DeArmond.jpg

Peter DeArmond

5 kenneth  blanton.jpg

Kenneth Blanton

7 david fields.jpg

David Fields

1 susan holson.jpg

Susan Holson

Terry Louks

2 mark suorez.jpg

Mark Suorez

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