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2010 - 2011 
Star Players

SP 2010-11.jpg

The 2010-2011 North Star Players club members included top row: Thomas Moser, Zach Ortiz, Lakesha Leonard, Lindsay Costa, Tyler Moyer, Gabby Dominey, Arianna Jameson, 2nd row: Sonia Solorzano, Josh Hefner, Alyssa Abla, Sonia Serrano, 3rd row: Ty Snively, Andrew Melton, Ariel Clark, Gloria Sanchez, Catalina Lemus, 4th row: Mr. Orr, EJ Rardin, Jessica Ramirerz, Tabitha Hefner, Alyssa Owens.  Not pictured includes Cody Gomez Ferguson, Lily Denesha, PJ Duran, Lucy Long, Linsie McRoberts, Gabe Solorzano, Alea Chapman. 

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

This year, the North Star Players would put up another NHS production of You Can't Take It With You by Kaufman and Hart, attend the CSUB Spotlight Festival with Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage, and finished the year with Friedrich Durrenmatt's The Visit.

You Can't Take it With You

EJ Rardin plays grampa in You Cant Tak.jpg

The Star Players offered a second production since 1990 of You Can't Take it with You for this year's fall 2010 production. Here Grampa Vanderhof (EJ Rardin) reads the newspaper hoping for good news to come and not the IRS.

playing the game.jpg

Lady of the house Penelope Sycamore (Sonia Solorzano) and adopted stranger to the house Mr. DePinna (Tyler Moyer) react alike.

Donald (PJ Duran) spends much time with the eccentric family as he is the boyfriend of the maid, Rheba.

Josh and Ariel in You Cant take it wit.jpg
PJ Duran as the errand boy (2).jpg

29 year old Essie (Ariel Clark) hopes to be a dancer when she grows up. Here, Essie uses suitor Tony (Josh Hefner) as a rehearsal partner.

Thomas and Gabby as the parents (2).jpg

Mr. Kirby (Thomas Moser) and Mrs. Kirby (Gabby Dominey) visit for dinner and games.

Actress Gay Wellington (Sonia Serrano) has been invited from the city bus to come over and read one of Penelope's play scripts.

Sonia as the drunken actress in You ca.jpg
painting for the stage is fun (2).jpg

Lindsay Costa and Lakesha Leonard, the Flying Dutchmen of the year, apply the dutchman to the seams of the flats.

sound practicing.jpg

Here, Lakesha has washed up and operates the sound board fom upstairs.

To her right, another student operates the lighting board.

In theater, all students must learn the ropes.

The CSUB Spotlight Festival:

Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage by David Ives

Roger Penworthy Pilkes (Tyler Moyer) splashes his drink onto Jeremy Thumpington F-F-Feinnes (EJ Rardin), after he's already been dead.

Roger Penworthy Pilkes (Tyler Moyer) and wife Sarah (Sonia Solorzano), before all the drinks are splashed about.

The spring 2011 production:
The Visit

Star Players about the place

Any stage will do for EJ Rardin Gabby Sonia Alyssa (2).jpg

The Star Players have school spirit and attend most functions to liven up the crowds. Here, EJ Rardin, Gabby Dominey, Sonia Serrano, and Alyssa Abla shine at the rally.

Theater student and star athlete Brianna Cazares struts her stuff about campus.

Sonia Serrano rehearses her song before the student rally.

Mr. Orr likes to get out into the daylight as well.

Josh Hefner, Jessica Moudy, Ariel Clark, Andrew Melton: good friends hanging out.

Sonia Serrano rehearses her talent show number. Josh Hefner feels the energy.

alyssa owens and Alyssa Abla (2).jpg

Actors at all levels perform for the student body. Included here is Alyssa Abla, Jessica Ramirez, Alyssa Owens, Ty Snively, Catalina Lemus, Cody Ferguson.

Cody Ferguson with Catalina Lemus.

Beginning students rehearse their class scene.

Senior Star Players, 2011

These excellent senior Star Players  would leave us this year, each of them accomplished performers who carried on the quality of NHS theater.

Brianna Cazares

Ariel Clarke senior class.jpg

Ariel Clark

Tabitha Hefner senior class (2).jpg

Tabitha Hefner

Carrie Kelley.jpg

Carrie Kelley

Josh Hefner senior class (2).jpg

Josh Hefner

Lynsie McRoberts senior class.jpg

Lynsie McRoberts

Thomas Moser senior class (2).jpg

Thomas Moser

Earl EJ Rardin senior class.jpg

EJ Rardin

Sonia Solorzano senior class (2).jpg

Sonia Solorzano

Ty Snively

Colby Webb

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