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1997 - 1998

North Star Players 97-98 fixed.jpg

1997-98 North Star Players club members included Doriana Baker, Brittany Owen, Mr. Orr, Carr Wheat, Heidi Hackett, Darci Blake, Bethany Mason, Alana Peck, Julie Cribbs, Cheryl Meeks, Laura Gates, Danny Bennett, Brandy Knight, Shawna Watson, Erika Knight, Mandy Gunn, Aaron Duemmel, Nick Pallitto.

Mr. Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

Director, advisor

This year's Star Players had a full schedule of three mainstage productions, Dancing at Lughnasa, The Beat Goes On Variety Show, and Run for your Wife 2.0. and two competition pieces, Romeo and Juliet and Present Tense, for which to prepare.

The North Star Players started the year with our production of
Dancing at Lughnasa 

gang fix.jpg

The cast for "Lughnasa" included Cheryl Meeks as Rose, Nick Pallitto as Michael, Shannon Jordan as Maggie, Carr Wheat as Jack, Ryan Orr as Gerry, Shawna Watson as Chris, Sarah Neufeld as Agnes, Mandy Gunn as Kate, and making his second pre-high school appearance with the Star Players is Peter Orr as Young Michael.

Dancing at Lughnasa cover.jpg
dancing cover 2.jpg
Nick Palitto, Peter Orr debut fix.jpg

This production was the second "in-the-round" play since 1995's "Loot".
Risers were placed on the stage proper for audience members. The effect brings the actors in close proximity to the audience. This can be unnerving and it heightens the actor's level of needed concentration, but the relationship gives everyone a new way of experiencing story telling.

Michael (Nick Pallitto) remembers himself as a Young Michael (Peter Orr).

The Mundy Sisters of Ulster, Ireland listen to Uncle Jack's (Carr Wheat) stories.

Carr, Shannon, Shawna, Mandy,Sarah Neufeld fix .jpg
Shawna Watson, Ryan Orr fix.jpg

Chris Mundy (Shawna Watson) and Gerry Evans (Ryan Orr) would have the child, Michael.

Young Michael (Peter Orr) reacts to Maggie's (Shannon Jordan) stepping.

Peter startles Shannon in character.jpg
Mandy, Cheryl Meeks, Shannon, Shawna fix .jpg

The actors have plenty more stepping in store to keep things fun.

While the actors have fun, director Larry Orr stays serious about rehearsals. 

Orr on Pay-per view.jpg
Shannon and Peter fix.jpg

Maggie (Shannon) teaches Young Michael (Peter) valuable domestic skills.

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Shakespeare Festival

The North Star Players would go on to receive 3rd place at the 1997 Shakespeare Festival with our ensemble's modernized interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. The scene included the balcony scene as well as some fight scenes from the play.
Perhaps the most memorable line quoted was not Shakespeare's but Mr. Orr's retort to colleagues, "What knives?!"

The Winter Variety Show

"And The Beat Goes On"

After the curtain.jpg

This fun-filled show had comedy, music, acrobatics, and was hosted by our own Sonny and Cher duo, Nick Pallitto and Erika Orr. Combining all the different acts and a live orchestra was a new challenge for some of our actors.

Nick and Erika as Sonny and Cher.jpg
The Flying Zambini Brothers.jpg

The Flying Zambinis group was up to the task of trampoline acrobatics galore, and some comedic banter. Pictured here is Gustav (Ryan Orr) and Antonio (Carr Wheat) as two of the four Zambinis. Erika Orr and Laura Gates would fill out the cast as Schatze and Isabella.

trampoline onstage.jpg
Studly Carr Wheat Linguini.jpg

Three Zambinis bounce one Isabella on the tramp. Antonio's job is to keep her from falling off.

His other job is to keep from dropping body hair all over the stage.

Ronnie Alana Kourtney in Copacabana.jpg
Julie to sing fix.jpg

Ronnie Hargrave, Alana Peck, and Kourtney Hawkins dance in the Copacabana skit.

Julie Cribbs prepares to rehearse her song with accompaniment by Charlie Clark.

Copacabana (2).jpg
NHS Tonight Show band.jpg

Pit musicians held tight under the direction of Mr. N. Guy Lake.

Nick and cast.jpg

Pulling talented students from around North High to put on this show was not too difficult. We had to turn some acts away due to too much material.

Shawna, Erika fix.jpg

Shawna Watson and Erika Orr (Cher) rehearse in their specially-made red eye-contacts.

April Adams, Laura Gates.jpg

April Adams and Laura Gates perform a Cranberries number.

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"Present Tense"

Click the arrow above to enjoy moments from Present Tense from our winter show at 3:50 minutes.

Present tense scene Carr, Alana Peck, Shawna, Nick.jpg

The CSUB Spotlight Festival of 1998 saw another fine performance from North High School. Our ensemble scene "Present Tense" received the "Outstanding Performance" award, making the third such award in as many years.

The scene is about a teen named Norm (Carr Wheat) who is troubled and confused about life, and his girlfriend (Julie Cribbs). There's a nerdy friend (Nick Pallitto) and a school jock/bully (Ryan Orr) who make an appearance, all asissted by two young friends, Alana Peck and Shawna Watson.

From Present Tense, Spotlight Outstanding Performance.jpg

Carr Wheat, Nick Pallitto, and Alana Peck in Present Tense. The award-winning scene was the featured act in the winter variety show The Beat Goes On.

North Star Players behind the scenes...

Darci Blake and Alana Peck helping the Star Players on club day.

Cheryl Meeks works the baton at the game.

Star Player Ryan Orr at the Winter formal.jpg

North Star Player Ryan Orr and friend Melissa at the Winter Formal.

Darci Blake and Alana Peck 97-98.jpg
Cheryl Meeks on a different stage.jpg

Ryan Orr works at fun times with friend Laura Frampton at the first Homecoming Dance.

After fun time, Ryan would always make time for his acting studies.

Star Player Erika Orr and ASBer at Luau.jpg

Erika Orr works with fellow ASB members during the lunchtime activities.

Ryan Orr and friends 97-98 fix.jpg
Julie Cribbs receives Mr Orrs direction fix.jpg
Ryan with script 97-98 fix.jpg

Julie Cribbs enjoyed studying for her acting parts, too. Here she gets some interpretive help from Mr. Orr.

Katie Greer asks for help understanding her leading role in Jack Frakes' Final Dress Rehearsal.

Mr Orr and Katie Greer.jpg

Ryan Orr and Adam McCabe in the house.

1998's Spring Production

cast for Run For Your Wife fix.jpg

The cast of the Star Players' first production of Ray Cooney's Run for your Wife included Andy Gratt, Julie Cribbs, Ryan Orr, Nick Pallitto, Shawna Watson, Carr Wheat, Patrick McDonald, and Ronnie Hargrave.

run for your wife cover.jpg
Aaron assists.jpg

Stage manager Aaron Duemmel testing the prop glass for ultimate transparency.

cast of Run For Your Wife spring 98.jpg

Director Lawrence Orr worked hard to keep the characters focused during post-rehearsal notes. 

ever giving notes.jpg

Stanley (Nick Pallitto) realizes the self-incriminating meaning that John (Ryan Orr) has just given to Detective Troughton (Carr Wheat).

Detective Porterhouse (Andy Gratt) volunteers to be the housemaid while John, Stanley, and Mary (Shawna Watson) sort out their troubles.

time for tea fix.jpg
Bobby and Stanley.jpg

Neighbor Bobby (Ronnie Hargrave) gives neighbor Stanley an earful.

Things would get worse before they got better and the two detectives would be caught up in the misunderstandings.

Mary (Shawna Watson) and John (Ryan Orr) on a better day.

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1997-1998's Star Players
Awards Banquet

The annual awards banquet was held at Hodels Restaurant. Best Actor and Actress, Supporting, Newcomer, Technician, and Best Senior Awards were received by the many fine club members for the year's work.

Saying good-bye to another cast of seniors...

Senior North Star Player Ryan Orr attended North High since fifth grade, helping his family put on quality productions. He started acting on our stage in his sophomore year and joined every production from then on. His many funny characterizations made him a favorite in our mainstage plays and competitions as well as our Improv performances for the student body assemblies. Recognized by the Star Players club as this year's Best Senior, Ryan has memorably represented NHS theater and his memory as a Star Player lives on.

Other graduates who have made lasting memories in our family of North Star Players these past years include...

Julie Cribbs
NSP Best Actress 1998

Andy Gratt

Mandy Gunn

Ashley Hawkins

Cheryl Meeks

Amanda Snelson

Nick Pallitto

Carr Wheat
NSP Best Actor 1998

Jamie Rushing

Bryan Wilhite

Kristin S.

Shawna Watson

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