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1995 - 1996
North Star Players

Star Players Club 1996 cropped.jpg

Members of the club included, from top left: Ryan Orr, Joey Valenzuela, Audriana Orr, Geoff Weichelt, two unnamed members, Patrick Dietz, Jason Dollar, Mark Parker, Justin Gordon, Matt Parks, Amber Dungan, Kara Rhodes, Mandy Gunn, Addie Turner, Naomi Jackson, Drina Bingamon, Angi King, Kim Erwin, Terra Scoles, Sara Williams, Jon Rodriguez, Melody Russie, Amy Adams, Janice Thielfoldt, and Heather Bailey. Mr. Orr looks after the club in his legit-official moustache. 

Mr. Lawrence Orr begins his sixth year as Star Players Director, advisor

The 1995-96 Star Players Club was filled to capacity with veterans and newcomers. The year began with a mega-challenge: Shakespeare's Scottish play, with excerpts for the local festival, the CSUB Spotlight ensemble Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread, as well as a one acts production, improv assemblies, and our second smash production of Rumors

William Shakespeare's

Kara Rhodes and Justin Gordon adjusted.jpg

Lady Macbeth, played by Kara Rhodes, coaxes the ambitious Macbeth; Justin Gordon in the title role.

macbeth  heath.jpg

Steve Hernandez, Audriana Orr, Matt Park, Chris Peltier, Patrick Dietz, and Darin Godbey, on the heath.

The Three Witches (Melody Russie, Drina Bingamon, Heather Bailey) deliver the self-fulfilling prophecy to Macbeth and Banquo (Garrett Willingham).

MacBeth and Banquo on the heath.jpg
three witches fix cropped.jpg
the porter 1.jpg

Mark Parker, here as the comical Porter, would also play the ill-fated King Duncan.

after battle cropped fix.jpg

A Witch (Heather Bailey) is the first of her sisters to the body on the heath. 

MacBeth and his Lady fix.jpg

Macbeth (Justin Gordon) hears again the prodding from Lady Macbeth (Kara Rhodes) to kill a king.

"Is this a dagger I see before me?"

Justin Gordon as MacBeth fixed.jpg
Malcolm and friends cropped fix.jpg

Audriana, Mark, Nick Palitto, Justin, and Chris Peltier on the heath.

Click the arrow below to enjoy moments from the play.

The Macbeth cast and crew backstage.

macbeth cj, addie, peter, tess.jpg
Justin as MacBeth backstage.jpg

Justin all geared up.

The Macduff family consisted of CJ Casey (MacDuff), Addie Turner (Lady MacDuff), Peter Orr (boy MacDuff) and Tess Orr (baby MacDuff). These Orr actors debut with the Star Players, sharing the stage with their siblings Audriana and Ryan in this production. 

At the Shakespeare festival

Mark taking it seriously.jpg

Mark Parker (Porter) in character, boy's dressing room.

The Star Players would take a cutting from Macbeth to the local Shakespeare Festival this year. The performance garnered a third place recognition.

MacBeth and the bloody dagger mess.jpg

Macbeth (Justin Gordon) after the bloody deed.

Kara as lady Macbeth fixed.jpg

Kara Rhodes would receive a First Place recognition for her performances of the famous Sleep Walking Scene in the monologue category of the Festival.

And now for something lighter...

Improv with the Star Players

improv addie ryan.jpg

Preparing for the Improv Assemblies, Addie Turner and Ryan Orr communicate their characters.

Nick and Melodie.jpg

Nick Palitto collapses under the deadly touch of Melody Russie.

Ryan tries to understand Justin's character motivation.

improv guys Ryan and Justin.jpg
goofy gordon cropped.jpg

I mean, really!

improv garrett audriana.jpg

Garrett Willingham sizes up his opponent, Audriana Orr.

Garrett weighs his options cropped fix.jpg

Garrett Willingham weighs his options.

Heather holds her own as CJ Casey and Justin dress the stage.

hams cropped fix.jpg
Garrett and Gordon fix.jpg

"He will talk while I drink and sing simultaneously!"

improv to improve cropped.jpg

The pay off happens when regular students at the Improv assemblies feel emboldened enough by the actors energy to join in the improv games. Here, two students join Melody, Terra, Mark, Justin, and Drina to add to the fun for all.

1996 Rumors II cast cropped fix.jpg

The Improv-isers, after an hour of intense rehearsal.

A Night of One Acts

A Night of One Acts production was performed for three nights by the Star Players of the advanced drama class in February of '96. One of the one-acts, Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread by David Ives, was also our contribution to the local annual CSUB Spotlight Festival. The Star Players were apt to bring to the competition both traditional as well as avant-garde productions, and Phillip Glass was something new here.  The Outstanding Performance awarded scene received high praise from the judges, including such comments as, "I have NEVER seen that before."  Indeed.

Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread

Audriana Addie Justin Mark Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread fix.jpg

The veteran cast of Phillip Glass included, from left: Audriana Orr, Addie Turner, Justin Gordon, and Mark Parker

announcement for Phillip Glass buys a loaf of Bread at CSUB.jpg

Impromptu by Tad Mosel

Nick Palitto and Heather Bailey fix.jpg
Heather Nick Justin Terra fix.jpg

Four unsuspecting actors asked to improvise a play that reveals their true selves, what should be the proper ratio of truth vs. illusion in the balanced life?  Our scene featured Heather Bailey, Nick Pallito, Justin Gordon, and Terra Scoles.

The Great American Cheese Sandwich by Burton Cohen

Mark in Great American Cheese Sandwich fix.jpg

The Great American Cheese Sandwich by Burton Cohen is a satirical farce about the trials and tribulations of a "normal" family and their beloved traditional cheese sandwich. Our cast included Mark Parker (Father), Melody Russie (Mother), Drina Bingamon (Betsy), Pat Dietz (Tom), and Matt Park.

THE STORY: The scene is the kitchen of an all-American farmhouse, where Father and Mother, abetted by teenage daughter Betsy (who is eight months pregnant) and football player son Tom (who wears women’s clothes), are wrestling with a family crisis—the State Fair is approaching but Mother can’t make her prize-winning corncob jelly, as all the corncobs are sour. Tom turns for advice to his football coach who, after due reflection sagely suggests that they “Wait 'til the sun shines, Nellie,” while the others offer bizarre soliloquies recounting the miraculous properties of the good old American Cheese Sandwich, which never fails to come through in an emergency. In fact it saves the day once more, when it is decided that their entry for the Fair will be American Cheese Sandwich Jelly—whereupon happiness is restored and all huddle together for a family portrait, smiling in unison and saying “Cheese!” as the flashbulb pops.

One Acts Show.jpg

Rumors by Neil Simon

The crazy characters as through Officer Welch's camera fix.jpg

The 1996 spring production of Rumors was another smash hit featuring this group of veteran Star Players. The cast included Audriana Orr as Claire, Melody Russie as Cassie, Addie Turner as Chris, Berkley Roberts as Cookie, Heather Bailey as Pudney, Justin Gordon as Lenny, Nick Pallito as Glen, Ryan Orr as Ken, and Garrett Willingham as Ernie. Of necessity, Mr. Orr made a rare stage appearance as Welch.

you're so funny, Lenny.jpg

Lenny struggles against the clutches of the vindictive Cassie.


The men hope to rochambeau their way out of facing the police.

Ernie tries to get "back" into Cookie's good graces.

Are you ok, poops cropped.jpg
is that the doctor.jpg

"Tell him...he tripped, going down the stairs."

2nd rumors girls and gar.jpg

"Hot! Hot! Hot!" goes Ernie with the girls.

Charley's..Charley's been shot.jpg

"The bullet went through his ear lobe! He's alright!"

cold as mid-winter Albany.jpg

"State Senate!..We're going to Albany! Twenty-three-degrees-in-the-middle-of-the-winter-Albany!"

Lenny, Ken, Glen, Ernie, Cassie, Cookie.jpg

Cassie's not the only one out-of-control...

The police department would like to know where Lenny is.

would you mind waiting outside cropped fix.jpg
feeling alright, Charlie.jpg

All watch in horror as Lenny comes downstairs, anxiously, as Charlie.

Click the arrow below to enjoy moments from the slideshow.

Rumors abound backstage...

Berkley Roberts, preparing for her role as Cookie, assures us she used only pure water in her makeup preparations.

Berkley guzzles.jpg
the Cookie twist.jpg
dress rehearsal Addie fix.jpg

Addie Turner, for her role as Chris, prepares to change from her glamorous denim to her glamorous, glittery evening dress.

Apparently, the girls are less camera shy than the boys in our production. Here's yet another of the girls getting into costume.

The boys were probably more focused on getting into character...

the girls again.jpg
Heather as Officer Pudney.jpg

Heather Bailey was on guard in the greenroom to make sure all circulating rumors were unfounded.

The Star Players of 1995 - 1996
about the campus

Kara Rhodes and Addie Turner singers.jpg

Seniors Kara Rhodes and Addie Turner at the Formal.

Mark Parker in chemistry.

off stage.jpg
Mark Parker as chemist.jpg

Addie Turner, to friend, Michelle Bachoc,

"I can't. I have rehearsal."

Berkley 2.jpg

Berkley Roberts leads another rally for the Stars...

..then she attends the Formal. Star Player Jon Rodriguez applauds her entrance.

Star Players Kelsey Musick, Berkley Roberts, and Addie Turner, ASB associates.

ASB Berkley, Kelsey Musick .jpg
ASB Addie.jpg
good actors can sing cropped.jpg

The many fine voices of the Star Players were also heard in choir performances. Here, Star Players members Ruth Bowen, Addie Turner, Mark Parker, Heather Bailey, Audriana Orr, Justin Gordon, in their concert apparel.

Departing seniors...

audrianna orr senior class fix.jpg

After having served NHS theater as a stage crew member before she attended North High, Audriana Orr auditioned for Of Mice and Men her freshman year and that started her distinguished career with the Star Players. A featured actor in most every play and competition scene since then, including a stand-out performance in our award-winning Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread, Audriana was named Star Players' Best Senior this year. She leaves a remarkable memory for her era of the North Star Players.

Audriana Orr
Other departing dedicated Star Players who thrilled us with their talents, some for four years running, include:
Leah Tidwell senior class fix.jpg
Leah Tidwell
Pat Dietze senior class cropped.jpg
Patrick Dietze
CJ Casey.jpg
CJ Casey
Heather Bailey senior class.jpg
Heather Bailey
Terra Scoles senior class.jpg
Terra Scoles
Cheyenne Simpson senior class.jpg
Cheyenne Simpson
Melodie Russie senior class fix.jpg
Melody Candace Russie
Kara Rhodes senior class fix.jpg
Kara Rhodes
Addie Turner senior class fix.jpg
Addie Turner
NSP Best Actress 1996
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