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The Star Players this year include some pictured here: Adrionna Hernandez, Tiffany Reynolds, Lexis Devault, Ivy Polkinghorne, Summer Pebworth, Bryna Nathan, Alexis Buxbaum, Bradley Ross, Logan Scott, Dylan Hedemark, Ian Clairday. Also, Kellsy Burk, Katie Tuttle, Rachel Littlefield.

The Star Players this year would start off in Trailer #43 as O'Neill Hall underwent safety updates. The actors did find the space to rehearse for the Shakespeare Festival but were unable to perform there. When the new year began and we were back in our digs, we prepared the ambitious The Imaginary Autopsee, a commedia del arte scene for the CSUB Spotlight festival. We then produced Neil Simon's Fools, the fourth production of the play at NHS.

Lawrence Orr
North Star Players
director, advisor

The Fall Production could not happen as O'Neill Hall was being updated for fire and smoke safety regulations.

Dylan Hedemark and Ivy Polkinghorne tough it out in the trailer with Mr. Orr.

The Spotlight Festival
The Imaginary Autopsee
commedia dell'arte tour de force.

The spring play:

Neil Simon's Fools

Rehearsals begin:

Dylan Hedemark plays Leon Tolchinsky, the young teacher who has come to educate the citizens of Kulyenchikov, only to find they are under a spell of ignorance, and dumbness, especially Snetsky the sheep loser, played by Bryna Nathan.

Tiffany Reynolds and Kellsy Burk wait in the wings for their next entrance.

Alexis Devault, Bryna Nathan, Ivy Polkinghorne, and Ian Clairday discuss their roles over lunch in the classroom.

Summer Pebworth, who plays Mrs. Zubritsky, "trembles" at the mention of a certain name.

Dylan rehearses Leon Tolchinsky just arriving in Kulyenchikov.

Ian Clairday realizes how funny his Gregor role can be.

Ivy Polkinghorne stands in the balcony window as Sophia, waiting to be proposed to.

Ivy and Dylan take direction at the balcony.

Ivy Polkinghorne sit as Sophia, ever beautiful, ever stupid.

Logan Scott and Summer ready for their Zubritsky roles.

Logan rehearses his Nikolai Zubritsky role with that I-don't-know-what-day-it-is look.

Stage manager follows along the script in early stages.

Dylan Hedemark tests out the shoulder yoke and buckets especially crafted for FOOLS by shop teacher, Mark Neal.

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Senior Star Players leaving us this year...

Alexis Buxbaum

Dylan Hedemark

Dylan has been a staple in our community since his sophomore year. He has been a steady and reliable actor, dedicated from start to finish in his many roles. He has added much to the history of excellence of the Star Players.

Rachel Littlefield

Abby Lutz

Bryna Nathan

Tiffany Reynolds

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