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2000 - 2001

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The 2000-2001 North Star Players would jump start the year with new energy from old and new members who included Ali Sturn, Jillian Elyse, Laura Wilson, Michaela Vecht, Alli Glick, Mike Klein, Krista Gaines, Brad Cordova, KaSandra McCants, Corey Chadwick, Peter Orr, Steve Verrell, Jarrod Kibbe, Jason Colbert,  Erin Verrell, Victor Gonzalez, David Blake, Jason Walker, Destin Grant, Krissy Baker, Maycee Scott, Blanca Vela

Lawrence Orr
North Star Players
director, advisor

The Fall Production:
The Ghost Train

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Saul (Jason Kurz) dies, leaving Richard (Jason Colbert), Charles (David Blake), Peggy (Destin Grant), Elsie (Erin Verrell) and Jillian Elyse in shock.

Jason Colbert Jillian Elyse David Blake.jpg

Richard Wynthrop (Jason Colbert) is the object of interest for Charles (David Blake) and Jillian Elyse.

Mr. Orr and Stage manager Alli Glick after a performance.

Laura Wilson and Blanca Vela added sound and lights from the tech booth.

Jillian Elyse handles Teddy Deakin (Steve Verrell) as Richard and Peter Orr look on.

Richard (Jason) tolerates the flamboyant Teddy (Steve)

Destin's and Peter's characters help the others (Jason Walker, Alli Sturn, Steve, and David) surmise the facts of the mystery.

Techies Laura and Blanca, and actor Peter, show how they would react if a real Ghost Train appeared.

The Shakespeare Festival

Titus Andronicus was the ensemble scene. Words by Shakespere, Music by Varese
Our own "Tyson Johanicus", aka Jason Walker, performed a monolog from the same play.

Star Players Corey Chadwick, Steve Verrell, Jason Walker, Jeff Roper, and Alli Glick at the Shakespeare Festival.

Workshop Grandeur:
Actress Mariette Hartley speaks to us!

mariette hartley signed (2).jpg

This year, the North Star Players had the honor of receiving professional actress Mariette Hartley for a fireside chat and semi-workshop. The meeting took place during afternoon classes in O'Neill Hall. It was the highlight of the year for the Star Players. Though Ms. Hartley is more famous than most of us realized then, she came so graciously to us after a long journey and turned our little meeting into something big. Drawing from her lifetime of acting experiences, Mariette filled our dramatic hearts with learning, wit, and warmth that has lasted these many years. Thank you, Mariette Hartley for making time for North High's young actors and inspiring us so!

The CSUB Spotlight Festival:
The Insanity of Mary Girard

Hal (CJ Szczech) offers the plan of hiding the bank robbery money in his mum's coffin.

Mary Girard (Alli Sturn) sits in the madhouse into which her husband Steven (Jason Colbert) has admitted her.

It is soon apparent why Mary sits in the asylum - Steven has a mistress (Krissy Baker).

Cast members take time to hear direction before moving on in the scene.

KaSandra, Steve, and Peter enjoy a hug.

To keep from going insane, Star Players let down their hair...

Destin Grant and Mr. Orr fix.jpg

Maycee, Erin, KaSandra, Blanca, Laura, stretch out on the stage.

Destin and Mr. Orr pose for a shot together.

Peter, Victor, Ben, Jason, Corey, Steve, Brad, Krista, KaSandra hang out before rehearsal. 

Krissy teaches Steve to waltz.

KaSandra teaches the girls the Cheerleader-Stack-up. Laura, Jillian, and Blanca are quick-studies.

The 2001 spring play
You the Jury, 3.0

Dedicated Senior Star Players leaving us this year...

Steve Verrell

Jason Walker

Star Players

Best Senior 2000

Corey Chadwick

Victor Gonzalez

David Blake

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