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1990 - 1991

1990 Drama club The North Star Players included row 1 Mr. Orr: Lonnie Lopez, John Kahl, Joe Spinozzi, row 2: Sarah Wall, Heather Pierce, Tamara Hicks, James Kahl, row 3: Kama Cottengim, Jeni Wood, Jennifer Proctor, row 4: Trisha Hancock, Fenessa Davis, Alicia Hancock, Julie McAfee, row 5: Kiley Bates, Matt Payne, Kelly Spingstead, Lori Kuster, Joe Simpson row 6: Mitch Hukill, Amy Bailey, Katie Meyer, Crystal Alston, row 7: Beth Green. 

A new era for the North Star Players begins...

new direction.jpg

The Mousetrap, 3

Set shot long.jpg

Above shows near opening for Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap, the first play directed by Mr. Orr for the North Star Players and the third production of the play at NHS.  Stage right includes actors Tom Peltier, Russell Fortmeyer, Joe Spinozzi, Stage manager Amy Stoddard. Down right are crew members Chris Lotspeich and Crystal Alston looking on. Up left is Roxanne Campbell, Technical Director of the play. Downstage left is Peter Orr, five years before his 1995 NHS acting debut at age 10. Mrs. Orr, at the apron, is ready for him.

Auditions for The Mousetrap began in September.

auditions 2.jpg

Auditioners here include Jeni Wood, Amy Bailey, Joy Olmstead, and Matt Payne.

Mousetrap program 1.jpg

Technically speaking...

crew girls.jpg

Techies included Lori Kuster, Julie McAfee, Amy Stoddard, Sara Wall, and Katie Meyer.

mousetrap program 2.jpg
Russ Tamara.jpg
Matt Payne emotes.jpg

Matt Payne emotes as Paravicini in rehearsal.

Crystal Alston and Chris Lotspeich after preparing the special effects window.

Crystal Alston and Chris Lotspeich.jpg

In the girls' dressing room, Kiley Bates and Kama Cottengim prepare to apply stage makeup for opening night.

mousetrap kiley in mirror.jpg
mousetrap kama makeup.jpg
mousetrap tamara makeup.jpg

As Tamara Hicks ages herself with dark lines, next door, Tom Peltier applies graying spray to Matt Payne's hair.

mousetrap tom and matt.jpg
The Mousetrap - 1991 cast cropped.jpg

Not bad. For sure we added more aging makeup for opening night.

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Kiss Me, Kate

Kiss Me Kate - 1991 (3).jpg

A company shot from 1991's spring show, Kiss Me, Kate.

After success in the fall with a murder mystery, it was time to produce a spring musical. With the core talents of Kama Cottengim, Tamara Hicks, Jason Cherry, Matt Payne, the rest of the Star Players couldn't go wrong in producing Kiss Me, Kate.

Kiss Me Kate - 1991 (2).jpg

Some members of the cast of Kiss Me Kate, including Lonnie Lopez, Kama Cottengim, Chris Lotspeich, Keri Kelley, and Shawna Simpson.

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Some of the Senior Star Players moving on to other stages this year included:

Jason Cherry senior class.jpg
Jason Cherry
Kama Cottengim.jpg
Kama Cottengim
Tamara Hicks senior class.jpg
Tamara Hicks
Darsen Sowers senior class.jpg
Darsen Sowers
Thomas Peltier senior class.jpg
Amy Stoddard senior class.jpg

"One school year was too little time with these talented Senior performers!"

Mr. Orr

Thomas Peltier
Amy Stoddard
Star Players' "Best Senior" for 1991, technical wizard in many NHS productions.
What did next year have in store for these 11th grade North Star Players?
Amy and  Kiley.jpg
Amy Bailey and Kiley Bates have a fun lunch in the quad.
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