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Star Players

Pink was hot, and so were we! This 2005-2006 North Star Players club members included  row 1: Leanna Plyler, Becca Miller, Sasha Barnett, Ned Boreham, Alex Mitts, , row 2: Mr. Orr, Nicole Morey, Chelsea Bullock, Kristen Cowans, Kimberly Robbins, Chris Sedwick. row 3: Kathy Burgos, Bethany Taylor, Nathalie Stecko. Not pictured includes Alex Abrams, Chris Ford, Kyle Joyner, Jean Kroutil, Miguel Munoz, Billy Roach Jr., Amanda Robinson, Lora Rogers, Amanda Shirer, Mandy Watkins.

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

North Star Players officers:

Kathy (2).jpg

The Skin

of our


by Thornton Wilder

The Star Players offered Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth for this year's fall 2005 production. Shown here are cast members during the third act: Mr. Antrobus (Kyle Joyner), Fitzpatrick (Ned Boreham), Mrs. Antrobus (Nathalie Stecko), Sabina (Rebecca Miller), Ivy (Leanna Plyler), Henry (Alex Mitts), Bailey (Jean Kroutil).

This three-part allegory of the cyclical fate of mankind is an epic comedy-drama, first presented in 1942, is still popular for its relevance.

The Antrobuses (Kyle and Nathalie) speak to the Muses (Jean, Kristen, Leanna) while they freeze from the ongoing Ice Age.

Gladys (Chelsea Bullock) is highly favored by Mr. Antrobus (Kyle) over her brother, Henry (Alex). who keeps trying to impress dad.

A Fortune Teller (Leanna) shows, in vision, Sabina (Rebecca) the world as it really is.

Gladys (Chelsea) and Maggie Antrobus (Nathalie) emerge from the cellar after the war.

Sabina (Rebecca) and George Antrobus (Kyle) in close proximity even after a devastating war.

Henry (Alex), now a general of war from the other side, attacks his dad, George (Kyle) to continue their bitterness. Maggie (Nathalie) intervenes.

Skin 2.jpg

These Star Players were on a roll this show, acting, painting sets...probably the bright colors inspired them.

The winter 2006 production:
Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians"

cast of Ten Little Indians (2).jpg

The Star Players cast of characters for Ten Little Indians included Leanna Plyler, Rebecca Miller, Nathalie Stecko, Kathy Burgos, Kristen Cowans, Wes Freeman, Alex Mitts, Ned Boreham, Billy Roach, Chris Ford, Mr. Orr director.

The play was another in-the-round production, the audience surrounding the actors on the stage in close proximity. Here Vera (Kathy Burgos), Madame Wargrave (Leanna Plyler), and Emily Brent (Rebecca Miller) weigh the evidence.

Chris Sedwick and Kristen Cowans played Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, the help in this house on an island setting.

Dr. Armstrong (Nathalie Stecko), Mr. Rogers (Chris Sedwick), Fred Narracott (Billy Roach), General Mackenzie (Chris Ford), Emily Brent (Rebecca Miller) and Vera Clathorne (Kathy Burgos) await the next murder.

Phillip Lombard (Alex Mitts) and General Mackenzie (Chris Ford) aren't trusting anyone.

Wargrave (Leanna) keeps Marston (Wes Freeman), Armstrong (Nathalie), and Vera (Kathy Burgos) on track to discover who killed Mrs. Rogers (Kristen).

Chris, Natalie (3).JPG

Armstrong (Nathalie) contemplating the murders, as the figurines above her diminish with each.

Emily (Rebecca) holds a figurine while Mackenzie (Chris) remembers the past.

William Blore (Ned Boreham) should not be alone.

Wargrave (Leanna) comes out as the killer who holds the life of Vera (Kathy) at the end of her rope.

At least no one died for the curtain call.

Stage manager Leanna Lowry provided lights for the actors earlier, but Chris can't get a light now.

Chris Ford with a load.jpg

Other moments not necessarily from the play proper.

Mr. Orr and Chris Ford's ubiquitous cigar.

The Shakespeare Festival

and other places...

Star Players in 80's mode who attended the annual Shakespeare Festival included Kathy Burgos, Becca Miller, Kristen Cowans, Lisa Cervantes, Leanna Plyler, Chelsea Bullock, and Nicole Morey.

Star Player Jean Kroutil will perform on any stage.

Look out, Star Player Kyle Joyner is in the hood-y.

Veteran Kristen Cowans reacts to the news of the latest published cast list. 

Star Player Nathalie Stecko can dance an Elizabethan jig, and that's no jest!

Nathalie is joined by fellow actors Sasha Barnett and Rebecca Miller at the Brit Lit Ball.

Nathalie and Chelsea, in another costume.

Senior Star Players, 2006

Some excellent senior Star Players would leave us this year, each of them significantly added to the quality of NHS theater tradition.

George Ned Boreham

Star Players Best Senior 2006

Kyle Joyner

Liz Spaulding

Kathy Burgos

Rebecca Miller

NSP Best Actress 2005 and 2006

Nathalie Stecko

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