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1994 - 1995
Star Players '94 3.jpg

Hats off to the 1994-95 North Star Players
This would be another productive year from our veterans and newcomers. This shot, on the set of the fall production of Crimes of the Heart, was among a few with silly characterizations. These members include Spencer Orr, Russ Randel, Paul Myers, Jennifer Smith, Mr. Orr, Aaron Haddock, Justin Gordon, Julie Meadows, Audriana Orr, Athena Dalton, Berkley Roberts, Tonya Mowery, Denise Money, Kara Rhodes, Missy Morton, Melody Russie, Denise Polyniak, Jennifer Coonrad, and Reid Dubose

The Fall Production:
Crimes of the Heart

crimes cast cropped.jpg

The cast of 1994's Crimes of the Heart
Spencer Orr, Athena Dalton, Audriana Orr, Julie Meadows, Paul Myers, Addie Turner

Crimes girls 2.jpg

The girls of 1994's production of Crimes of the Heart

Spencer and Reid crimes crew.jpg

Spencer Orr (Doc) and Reid Dubose, stage manager for Crimes.

crimes program copy one.jpg

Perhaps the only crime during this production was the opening night shock. This was the year another high school opened in the district and it drew from the enrollment of North High. Due to the spirited student body of the past, the Star Players were used to audiences of 300 to 400 members per night. Imagine the reaction of the players when it was revealed at the before-curtain cast call that there were "about 50 people out there."

crimes heart girls.jpg
Crimes set  cropped.jpg
Audriana Orr saxophone cropped.jpg

Audriana Orr, playing Babe Magrath, at the saxophone. Though she never learned to play it very well, Audriana would go on to become accomplished at piano and harp.

Julie as Lenny.jpg

Julie Meadows, as Lenny Magrath, and the others in the cast, acted with authentic Mississippi USA accents; and ya'll know how that sounds.

Paul Myers cropped.jpg

Paul Myers, here as Barnette Lloyd, continues to impress audiences with his depth of character.

crimes program copy 2.jpg
Crimes girls (2).jpg

The Magrath sisters react to the family album photos.

Crimes of the heart stay focused.jpg

There are more shows to do, girls! Stay focused!

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The Shakespeare Festival

The 1994 fall offering at the local Shakespeare Festival was an ensemble from All's Well that Ends Well. The performance garnered a third place trophy for the Star Players.

Loot by Joe Orton

loot 7  berkley roberts, justin gordon, cj czech.jpg

1994-95 would continue with the tradition of three mainstage productions for the year, and this winter the Star Players took on a very worthy challenge. 

Loot, by Joe Orton, is a dark comedy satirizing social attitudes and institutions.  Here, cast members Justin Gordon, Berkley Roberts, and CJ Szczech portray the scheming thieves who will rob the bank and hide the money in mother's coffin. Also in the cast was Audriana Orr and Melody Russie, alternating dead bodies.

Hal (CJ Szczech) offers the plan of hiding the bank robbery money in his mum's coffin.

loot CJ Sczcech.jpg
loot Justin.jpg

Hal's pal, Dennis (Justin Gordon), doesn't need much convincing.

loot Berkley Roberts.jpg

Meanwhile, Nurse Fay (Berkley Roberts) has been scheming to bilk the doddering father, Mr. McLeavy (Paul Myers).

Of course, good cop-bad cop Inspector Truscott (Spencer Orr) will only take this sitting down, with Hal in a head lock.

loot Spencer and CJ.jpg

McLeavy will eventually be arrested for threatening Truscott, and Fay will discover the boys' game, demanding a share of the spoils.

loot 7  berkley roberts close up.jpg
loot berkley roberts, paul myers.jpg

After all, "We must keep up appearances."

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1994-95 Star Players performance activities...

Kara on stage at the talent show fix.jpg

Star Players Amy Adams and Kara Rhodes singing on the stage for the annual Talent Show.

Amy Adams talent show winner.jpg
1994 Audrianna Orr CJ Czech in Wrong Turn at Lungfish.jpg
1994 Melodie Russie CJ Czech in Wrong Turn at Lungfish.jpg

Star Players Audriana Orr, CJ Szczech, and Melody Russie perform a scene from Wrong Turn at Lungfish during lunchtime mini-theaters.

Berkley Roberts.jpg
2 cheers for Star Players Addie and Terra Scoles.jpg

Star Players Addie Turner, Terra Scoles and Berkley Roberts were very involved in school sports and leadership, proving that they were never "offstage".


Julie Meadows, Athena Dalton and Jennifer Smith receive character interpretation direction from Mr. Orr.

The 1995 spring production:

A Giant gasp edited.jpg

Into the Woods

The Star Players needed a vehicle to showcase its many excellent acting and singing members. This cast of Into the Woods included:

Spencer Orr, Justin Gordon, Paul Myers,



Josh Hupp, Drina Bingamon, Mark Parker, Heather Bailey,


Addie Turner, Jason Dollar, Natalie Richards, Julie Meadows,


Janelle Andersen, CJ Szczech, Berkley Roberts,



Audriana Orr, Josh Utz, Amy Adams,


Melody Russie, and Erin Spinozzi.

From the Giant's perspective, the characters of Into the Woods react to her presence.

Josh, Audriana, Melody and Erin.jpg

The Baker (Josh Utz), Baker's Wife (Audriana Orr), Little Red (Melody Russie) see the Witch (Erin Spinozzi) in a new light.

1995 Into the woods 9.jpg
1995 Into the woods 11.jpg

Attendant (Janelle Andersen) and Granny (Tonya Mowery)

The Narrator (Mark Parker), The Mysterious Old Man (Paul Myers), The Baker (Josh Utz), hanging out.

Addie Turner as Princess Cinderella.jpg
1995 Into the woods 8.jpg

Jack (Josh Hupp) is misunderstood by Jack's Mother (Kara Rhodes).

Cinderella (Addie Turner) wished for a better life and she got it.

At right, Granny, Little Red, and Attendant (Drina Bingamon).

Below, Rapunzel (Amy Adams) and her mother, the beautiful Witch (Erin Spinozzi).

1995 Into the woods 5.jpg
1995 Into the woods 3.jpg
I wish.jpg

Cinderella (Addie Turner), a beautiful princess, even in rags.

 The Prince (Justin Gordon), Steward (Jason Dollar), Step Sisters (Julie Meadows, Berkley Roberts, Natalie Richards) and Cinderella (Addie Turner).


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Backstage with the cast and crew...

Understudy Heather studies homework backstage at rehearsal.jpg

Understudy Heather Bailey works hard backstage to stay prepared for when called upon.

just before the chair broke.jpg

Makeup specialist Jennifer Smith applies warts and all to Erin. Mark Parker is ready to narrate.

The girls room - no boys allowed.jpg

Actors Berkley Roberts, Addie Turner, and Natalie Richards at stages of readiness in the girls' dressing room.

Justin and crew member Athena Dalton.jpg

Justin Gordon's makeup has been approved by Athena Dalton, in the boy's dressing room.

Jason looks down on the peons.jpg
An actor prepares.jpg

Paul Myers prepares for his entrance.

Below, Paul, a bit less mysterious.

Erin, the beautiful witch 2.jpg
Paul Myers, a larger part.jpg

Jason Dollar, in character.

(Right) Erin Spinozzi, the three handed witch.

Kara Rhodes and Josh Hupp backstage during Into the Woods cropped.jpg

Kara Rhodes and Josh Hupp, mother and son.

(Right) Melody Russie and Spencer Orr (the Wolf).

Little Red is not afraid of this Wolf.jpg
Julie, Berkley, Natalie do the pucker prep.jpg

(left) Striking Step-sisters Julie, Berkley, Natalie strike a pose.

Bird tech.jpg

(right) Drina also served as flying bird specialist.

backstage visits from veterans Josh Morton, Scott Costa.jpg

Julie and Kara entertain past veterans Josh Morton and Scott Costa. Justin makes sure they get to their seats on time.

Luigi and Little Red, backstage cast call.jpg

Melody helps gather the cast for the pre-curtain cast call with Mr. Orr.

1995 Into the woods 12.jpg
Technician Darin Godbey .jpg

In the house, Mrs. Orr helps Matt Shelton and Darin Godbey with the microphone cues.

Nice is different than good.jpg

The Wolf carefully checks Little Red's makeup before the scene.

woods write up.jpg

Senior Star Players, 1995


When you're the director's son, you're likely to help on the stage, talent or no.

Fortunately, Spencer Orr proved to be a talented actor as well as a gifted stage carpenter and technician. He started helping with NHS plays as a freshman, paving a glorious path for fellow Star Players, and his siblings to follow.

The astute reader can see in these pages the many characters Spencer created for our stage, comedy and drama.

Spencer was named the Star Players Best Senior.  Graduating our best seniors is always more bitter than sweet.

Spencer Orr.jpg
Spencer Orr

The following other excellent senior Star Players helped raise the quality of NHS theater. Many served as technical crew members and managers in addition to their finely acted roles. Because of their efforts in as many as four years, our tradition of fine theater craft carries on.

Paul Myers.jpg

Paul Myers

NSP Best Actor 1995

Athena (3).jpg

Athena Dalton

Sarah Ash senior.jpg

Sarah Ash

Natalie Richards.jpg

Natalie Richards

Josh Utz fix.jpg

Josh Utz

Kim Linger.jpg

Kim Linger

Jennifer Smith.jpg

Jennifer Smith

Kelly Loyd.jpg

Kelly Lloyd

Erin Spinozzi (2).jpg

Erin Spinozzi

Josh Hupp.jpg

Josh Hupp

Claudia Leyva cropped.jpg

Claudia Leyva

Jason Owen.jpg
Jared Hayden.jpg

Jared Hayden

Jason Owen

Miss Julie Meadows.jpg

Julie Anne Meadows

NSP Best Actress 1994, 1995

is a favorite Star Player who served as club president, make-up artist to actor, and gave many fine performances in both leading and character roles. Julie would go on to become a beloved theater educator and teacher of English locally.

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