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2011 - 2012 
Star Players

The 2011-2012 North Star Players club members included top row: Juan Hernandez, Ryan Evans, Samuel Noble, 2nd row Mr. Orr, Estephania Abrigo, Yvonne Lopez, Alea Chapman, Francis Benavente, 3rd row Gabe Solorzano, Gloria Sanchez, Gabbi Dominey, Alyssa Abla. 

Inset: Dillon Thompson, Lily Denesha, Jarred Dorton, James Barrera, Sonia Serrano, Amar Dizdharevic. Others not pictured include Cody Gomez Ferguson, Melissa Atkerson, DeeDee Hensly, Thomas Espinoza, Jacob McDaniel, .  

This year, the North Star Players would attend the Shakespeare Festival with King Lear, attend the CSUB Spotlight Festival with Ives' Babels in Arms, and finish the year with the ambitious West Side Story.

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

The Shakespeare Festival:

King Lear

Lear: Cody Ferguson

Goneril: Jessica Ramirez 

Regan: Gabbi Dominey

Cordelia: Sonia Serrano

Cornwall: Thomas Medina 

Gloucester: Jacob Mc Daniel

Kent: Samuel Noble

Fool: Francis Benavente

Doctor: Alyssa Abla 

Star Players about the place

Gabby Dominey struts the stairway of the amphitheater.

Sonia Serrano beckons and Gabe Solorzano threatens, channeling their WSS characters.

Zach Rhodes gets high on theater life anywhere on campus.

Fast friends forever, Alyssa Abla and Sonia Serrano

The CSUB Spotlight Festival:

Babels in Arms

The spring 2012 production:
West Side Story

Sharks and Jets are headed for a rumble tonight.

Maria (Sonia Serrano) and Tony (Ian Thompsett) in the Bridal shop, One Hand, One Heart.

Maria (Sonia) and Anita (Gabby Dominey).

Some Jets (Cody Sanchez) hang out at the Drug store.

At the dance, in the Gym.

Anita (Gabby) has prepared Maria's (Sonia) dress.

Riff (Sam Noble) and other Jets and girl Velma (Liz Lake).

Officer Krupke (Jarrod Dorton) watches over the combustible gangs.

Senior Star Players, 2012

These excellent senior Star Players  would leave us this year, each of them accomplished performers who carried on the quality of NHS theater.


Alyssa Abla


Francis Benavente


Gabby Dominey Maestas


Catalina Lemus


Sonia Serrano


Gabe Solorzano


Alea Chapman


Cody Sanchez


Zackery Rhodes

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