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2004- 2005

North Star Players

These 2004-2005 Star Players include row 1: Kyle Joyner, Beth Taylor, Nicole Casper, Rebecca Miller, Nick Stubblefield row 2: Amanda Ellis, Kristen Cowans, Nathalie Stecko, Marci Scott, row 3: Chelsea Bullock, Alex Mitts, Nicole Morey, Joseph Cavin, Billie Fox.

Lawrence Orr

Star Players

director, advisor

Mr Orr 2 (2).jpg

William Shakespeare's


Hamlet 039 (2).jpg

Joseph Cavin would head the cast in this year's production of Hamlet, prince of Denmark.  Kathy Burgos is cast as Ophelia

Hamlet 015.jpg

Cast members and crew pause for a rest from rehearsals. Jerica Zimmerman, Ned Boreham, Kristen Cowans in front, Andy Foster would head up the sound crew.

Osric (Nicole Casper) invites Hamlet (Joseph Cavin) to a fateful duel with Laertes. Horatio (Becca Miller) looks on.

 The dumb-show players included actors and belly dancers. Shown here are row 1: Chelsea Bullock, Samantha Kemper, Nicole Morey.  Center: Beth Taylor, Player Queen and choreographer. row 2:  Taylor Prosser, Nicole Casper, Joey Cavin, Irene Del Campo , Kristen Cowans. row 3: Kyle Joyner Lucianus, Nick Stubblefield Player King, Jerica Zimmerman.

We chose an bedouin theme for our Hamlet, in light of the current world events. This needed many new costumes designed and created by Mrs. Orr. A tent was built that would be set up and struck dramatically at given moments to create indoor scenes, as seen here with Jerica, Nicole Casper, Beth, and Kristen.

Polonius (Ned Boreham) gives his advice to son, Laertes (Billie Fox), loving brother to Ophelia (Kathy Burgos).

Horatio (Becca Miller) tells Hamlet (Joseph Cavin) of the vision seen upon the ramparts.

Hamlet 033.jpg

The Player Queen (Beth Taylor) and Player King (Nick Stubblefield) saying goodnight.

A Priest (Nicole Morey) conducts the funeral of Ophelia.

Nicole Morey actor fix.jpg

Rosencrantz (Nathalie Stecko) and Guildenstern (Alex Mitts) visit with Queen Gertrude (Marci Scott).

Chelsea and Beth dance before the dumb show.

Gravediggers (Kristen Cowans and Alex Mitts) carry on in witty banter.

Polonius (Ned) and Gertrude (Marci) attend a play.

Hamlet cast list fix.jpg
Polonius and Gertrude.jpg
Beth Taylor fix.jpg

Beth Taylor, dancer and Player Queen

Lucianus (Kyle Joyner) poisons the Player King (Nick) in the dumb show.

Laertes and Hamlet locked in battle.

Ophelia (Kathy Burgos) and Hamlet (Joseph Cavin) locked in an embrace.

The Annual Shakespeare Festival

Our Hamlet was cut to adapt a scene for the festival this year.

North Star Players On and Off stage

Billie and Rebecca rehearse the Hamlet stage combat: he will be careful and she will move out of the way in case, you know, the sword should fly through the air uncontrollably.

players write up (2).jpg
Chelsea Bullock and Nicole Morey fix.jpg

Chelsea Bullock and Nicole Morey besties.

Joey Cavin and Nathalie Stecko at their new blocking.

Gertrude: "Hamlet, have some respect for your mother!"

The spring play

"An Act of the Imagination"

by Bernard Slade

Natalie Stecko, Joey Cavin.jpg

The Star Players offered a production of Bernard Slade's mature mystery play An Act of the Imagination. Nathalie Stecko and Joseph Cavin by the mirror. The in-the-round production ran for six nights allowing three performances for each of our double casts to have three each.

Cast members included Joseph Cavin, Rebecca Miller, Leanna Plyler, Alex Mitts, Chelsea Bullock, Jean Kroutil, Nathalie Stecko, Nicole Casper, Ned Boreham.

Tech Theater class

2005 NSP Awards Winners

Best Actress: Rebecca Miller

Best Actor: Alex Mitts

Best Suppporting Actress: Kathy Burgos

Best Supporting Actor: Ned Boreham

Best in Improv: Nathalie Stecko

Best in Short Scene Actress: Beth Taylor

Best in Short Scene Actor: Chris Sedwick

Best Newcomer: Mandy Robinson

Best Technical Student: Sasha Barnett

Saying farewell to another cast of seniors...

Joseph Cavin
NSP Best Actor 2005
NSP Best Senior 2005

Billie Fox

Samantha Kemper

Sonny Petris

Hannah Raihaikenen

Nick Stubblefield

Marci Scott

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