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2013 - 2014 
Star Players

The NHS 2013-2014 Star Players included Kevin Sadler, Brandon Sadler, Jeremy Carver, Rebekah Baker, Josh Carruthers, Cody Ferguson, Flynt Burton, Addisn Kuster, Faith Green, Kelsey Teague, Allison Ellis, Cheyenne Reyes, James Barrera, Shelby McClenahan, Kasey, Autumn Hoggard, Jacob Birks, Marcella Lemus, Mitchell Carr, Yvonne Lopez, Jacob Hill, Taylor Becker, Angelita Esparza, Jewel Kibbe, Lizzy Lake, Araceli Lemus

This year, the North Star Players would put up an NHS production of Bad Seed, and a third production of Woody Allen's Don't Drink the Water

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

Bad Seed


Maxwell Anderson

Lizzy Lake and Lily Denesha

...and Juan Hernandez

Cody Ferguson

Lizzy Lake Mitchell Carr, Flynt Burton

Lily Denesha and Josh Carruthers

bad seed program a.jpg

James Barrera, Kelsey Teague, Lizzy Lake

The CSUB Spotlight Festival:

The Devil
Daniel Webster

The spring 2014 production:
Woody Allen's

Don't Drink the Water

This would be the third production of this lovable play.

Senior Star Players, 2014

Nick Joiner

Cheyenne Reyes

Ben Orell

Kelsey Teague

Ian Thompsett

Cody Ferguson Gomez

He signed up for beginning theater class as a freshman and couldn't get enough of acting. Cody appeared in every NSP performance, both mainstage and competitions through his senior year. A master improv artist, Cody has an arsenal of character voices to charm audiences who can't get enough of his energy and creativity.  

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