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The 2015-2016 North Star Players would be led by this group of talented and enthusiastic actors. Jacob Birks, Elias Russell, Sequoia Whitten, Gabby Billesbach, Hailey McClain, Madison Carver, Brian Akins, Genesis Duncan, Mitchell Carr, Austin Floyd, Brandon Sadler (here-wolf-werewolf), and Ryan Martin, all posed for the fall production of Dracula.
This would be a second treatment of the vampire-man story, since NHS National Thespians Troupe's 1961 production of Count Dracula, a musical.

Though hard to tell from this photo of the cast, our 2015 show was a drama, using the apt William McNulty script.

Lawrence Orr
North Star Players
director, advisor

The Fall Production:

Ryan Martin in the title role of Dracula.

Briggs (Elias Russell), Margaret (Madison Carver), interrogate sanatorium inmate Renfield (Jacob Birks).

Vampire hunter, Van Helsing, played by Mitchell Carr.

Dracula (Ryan Martin) would introduce the child (Gabby Billesbach) to his vampire brides (Sequoia Whitten and Hailey McClain)

Dr. Seward (Austin Floyd) and Lucy Westphal (Genesis Duncan)

Sanatorium Inmate (Wynter Spaulding) is cautioned by Dr. Seward (Austin).

The Werewolf Monster, played by Brandon Sadler.

Shakespeare Festival

The Tempest,

Native American theme.

The 2016 spring play:

Heaven Can Wait

Senior Star Players leaving us this year...

Mitchell Carr would graduate after several mainstage and competition productions, selected as Star Players Best Actor 2016

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