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1973 - 1974

Still clinging to a National Thespian charter, the actors continue to add to the great theater tradition at North High School.

officers 74 fix(2).jpg

Thespians officers this year are Jim Pecarovich, props; Kathy Romine, scribe; Missy McKee, Historian Parliamentatrian; Mark Gray, Vics-president; Mike Lewis, president, Jerry Hubbard, treasurer.

June Gaede
Thespians director, advisor

The Unsinkable
Molly Brown


Darrell Cates, NHS Choir teacher, would help direct "Molly Brown."

Molly Brown (LeAnna Goon) and Johnny Brown (Jerry Songer)

Modern Dance

on stage.jpg

Other Thespians efforts

cecil petty and bell hanley fixcrop (2).jpg

Stage crewmen Cecil Petty and Bill Hanley construct wall flats for the next production.

Seated stage crew member E. Warren makes a photo-window for fellow stage crew-ers S. Wilson, C. Jones, D.Schneidle, E. Balkey, R. Worley, B. Hanley, R. Schneidle, P. Smith, M. Alesso, and T. Flores.

June helps  Jim Pecarovich with  Bottom's ass head fixcrop (2).jpg

Director Gaede assists with Bottom's ass-head construction.

Keystone Cops characters on stage.

Senior Thespians moving on...

Richard Belcher

Jane Brock

Jeanne Bellows

Jerry Hubbard

Steve Bradshaw

Kim Herron

Mike Lewis

Jerry Songer

Jill Thomson

1974 - 1975

National Thespians Troupe 1293
North Star Players

June Gaede
director, advisor

Guys and Dolls

Mark Jones, Paul Statler, and Kean Kelsey as gamblers.

Hot-Box Girls Judy Ashmore, Bonnie Redwine, Janet Pittman strut about the nightclub.

A whole lotta hustle bustle going on backstage before it goes on stage.

Director June Gaede transforms Bill Boyer into Nathan Detroit.

Doug Hartline and Kirby Baldwin dress for Havana Dancing.

Beth Hartman applies her final touches.

Hot-Box Girl Jerri Lind prepares for her close-up...

Amanda Birne draws on the face of Roger Crabtree.

It's show time in Runyonland!

Actors John Murdock and Keith Wells check out the broads, played by Vickie Howell and Mary Jane Graves.

Rae Hallmark as Adelaide feels like A Bushel and a Peck sometimes, but later feels rejected.

Sarah (Carrie) blushes at Sky Masterson's (Nick Sarad) proposal.

Nathan (Bill Boyer) pleads for forgiveness from Adelaide (Rae Hallmark).

Sergeant Sarah Brown (Carrie Cronkite) marches around New York crusading for sinners.

Bill Gage as Joey of the Biltmore Garage.

Fundraising Star Players

Thespians Roger Crabtree, Carolyn Hicks, and Katie Graham wash cars to fund the upcoming production of Guys and Dolls.

Linda Thompson at the Thespians/Star Players car wash for Guys and Dolls.

Dale Hembree, Kydaran Pascoe rehearse a scene.

Modern Dancers on stage

And the Beat Goes On

Lea Ann Rodenmeyer and Dawn Knowles

LeAnn Rodenmeyer fix(2).jpg

Denise Humphrey

Joanna Knox, Becky Secrist, Bridget Bonnet in Funeral for a Friend.

Carrie Morgan and Carol Rivers as puppets.

Lea Ann Rodenmeyer

Becky Pugh and Denise Humphrey

Lori Cenis, Nancy Bratcher, Debbie Craig, Rosie Arrayet.

Everyone joins in for the final patriotic dance.

North Star Players

Roger Crabtree

Bill Gage

Roy Heimiller

Jerri Lind

Nick Sarad

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