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The 1996-97
North Star Players 

Star Players 1996-1997.jpg

Star Players club members for 1996-97 included Garrett Willingham, Ruth Bowen, Darin Godbey, Lindsay Rossiter, Brandi Knight, Heidi Hackett, Darci Blake, Denise Polyniak, Breanna Baker, Adam Mc Cabe, Holly Kennedy, Drina Bingamon, Amanda Snelson, Erika Orr, Amber Dungan, Mark Parker, Anna Vepsa, Missy Morton, Justin Gordon, Mr. Orr, Berkley Roberts, Carr Wheat

club write up cropped.jpg

Star Players Club President, Justin Gordon, wrote this article to invite NHS students to join the club.

The Annual Shakespeare Festival

The Star Players offered up another award winning performance this year, receiving third place with an ensemble performance from Coriolanus.
Justin Gordon, in the title role, was awarded the Best Actor Award.
Berkley Roberts won the third place award for her monologue from the same play.

FALL '96 Shakespeare winners announced.jpg

The Fall Production:
Spoon River Anthology

Spoon River Anthology rehearsal cropped.jpg

The Star Players of 1996's Spoon River Anthology rehearsing the Fiddler Jones Squaredance.

The Spoon River Cast Backstage

Cast members Ruth Bowen, Anna Vepsa, and Berkley Roberts

Ruth Bowen, Anna Vespa, Berkley Roberts.jpg
Ryan Orr cropped.jpg

Ryan Orr as A.D. Blood.

Old Gordon.jpg

Justin Gordon as Barney Hansfeather

Laura Gates, director's assistant and actor.

Lindsey Rossiter.jpg
Laura Gates.jpg

Lindsay Rossiter as Rosie Roberts

Spoon cover.jpg
Mrs. Orr and Mark fix.jpg

Mrs. Ann Orr, accompanist, and Mark Parker

Holly K.jpg

Holly Kennedy as Nancy Knapp

Garrett Willingham.jpg

Garrett Willingham as one of his several roles


Denise Money as Hortense Robbins

Drina Bingamon.jpg

Drina Bingamon as Mrs. Kessler

Cheryl Meeks.jpg

Cheryl Meeks as Dora Williams

Carr Wheat in Spoon River Anthology.jpg

Carr Wheat as Roscoe Purcapile

Miss Roberts.jpg

Berkley Roberts, actor and singer

Spoon cast 2.jpg
Amber Dungan.jpg

Amber Dungan as Flossie Cabanas

Anna Vepsa.jpg

Anna Vepsa, imported actor from Finland. 

Erika Orr.jpg
Mark Parker.jpg

Mark Parker, narrator, singer, and actor of many parts.

Freshman Erika Orr debuts, as Nellie Clark, and singer.

Larry Orr director.jpg

Director Larry Orr says, "So many fine actors were needed to play so many diverse characters."

Justin Gordon tips his hat to Spoon River's cast.

Justin in Spoon River cropped.jpg

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The busy actors of 1996 were ready to produce a 1997 winter play, with another production of You, the Jury, but that was in addition to creating another hit performance for the CSUB Spotlight Festival, The Great American Cheese Sandwich reprised for the occasion from last year.
The cast would include Mark Parker, returning as Father, Justin Gordon as Tom.  

FALL '96 announcement.jpg
Mark in Great American Cheese Sandwich fix.jpg

Mark Parker would revise his previous year's role as Father for The Great American Cheese Sandwich at the CSUB Spotlight Fetival. The scene earned the Outstanding Performance Award .

You, the Jury 2.0

Jury 2.jpg

The winter of '97 proudly presented You, the Jury, our second production of our madcap version of the play. The cast included Jason Dollar (Bailiff), Mark Parker (Judge), Laura Gates (Gwendolyn), Drina Bingamon (Miss Carver), Erika Orr (Stenographer), Ruth Bowen (Barbara Scott), Cheryl Meeks (Janice) April Adams (Sheila), Adam McCabe (Chester), Lindsay Rossiter (Mrs. Lake), Carr Wheat (Clerk), Garrett Willingham (McPherson), Ryan Orr (Rennie), Brian Wilhite (Jimmy), Justin Gordon (Allan Woodward), and returning to the cast from Jury 1, Maggie Landers (Edith). Scott Costa from previous years on the wall.

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Days of Improv

Ryan again.jpg

Star Players prepare again for Improv day.

Ryan Orr, in an improv fury, is backed by Garrett Willingham, Jon Rodriguez and Drina Bingamon.

Garrett, Ryan , Justin fix.jpg

Garrett and Ryan wait as Justin Gordon sets the scene.

Justin 2.jpg

Star Players President Justin Gordon looks forward to the live audience.

Garrett 2.jpg

Star Players member Ryan Orr looks wet.

Star Players Publicity man Garrett Willingham looks sideways.

Ryan fix.jpg

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1997's Spring Musical
A Funny Thing
on the Way
to the Forum

final curtain.jpg

A curtain call for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, the spring of '97 production by the North Star Players.

8 can we just rehearse already.jpg

These male auditioners for the play included Mark Parker, Justn Gordon, Ryan Orr, and Adam McCabe

muscles and men.jpg

Shawna Watson auditions, then celebrates with others.

3 Erika and Mark.jpg
6 Chris Mark Danny Aaron.jpg
5 Shawna, Mark.jpg

Here is Shawna, Mark, Adam, and Jenny Cabe in early rehearsals.  Below, Chris Osborn, Mark, Danny Bennett and Aaron Duemmel.

Funny Thing write up by Justin.jpg

Bryan Wilhite, Erika Orr and Mark Parker

4 Berkley, Brittany, Julie.jpg

Berkley Roberts, Brittany Owen, and Julie Cribbs learning parts.



Cast members Julie Cribbs, Erika Orr, Bryan Wilhite, Adam McCabe and Justin Gordon in the green room await their next entrance.

the maids plus two.jpg

Lycus (Bryan), Protean (Aaron), and the girls, (Berkley Roberts, Jenny Cabe, Kelsey Musick, Julie Cribbs, Shawna Watson and Brittany Owen) are ready to open another show.

Senex and Domina.jpg

Senex (Garrett Willingham) must be careful about wife, Domina (Laura Gates).

Pseudolus and Erronius.jpg

Pseudolus (Mark) must placate the mysterious Erronius (David Light).  

Miles and friends.jpg

Miles Gloriosus (Justin) must rule over the Proteans (Aaron, Chris, Danny).

A calming hug for daughter.jpg

Mr. Orr gives daughter Erika a break-a-leg hug.

I was just stannin' here.jpg

Laura gives Bryan one, too.

Laura Gates and Jerry Lewis.jpg

So, it's only fitting the two huggers give another...

I feel ya.jpg

Senex (Garrett) must also be careful about daughter Philia (Erika) with Hero (Adam).

Mark amid Shawna, Kelsy, Brittany.jpg

The girls attend brain...

...or brawn.

Julie, Ryan, Adam.jpg

Senex (Garrett) is both brain and brawn enough for wife, Domina (Laura Gates).

As is our tradition, the girls (Berkley Roberts) help the boys (Brian, here) with their make-up.

Garrett and Laura fix.jpg
Berkely Roberts applies herself.jpg
funny thing script 2 fix.jpg
caught in the pre-act.jpg

Shawna Watson and Julie Cribbs caught in the act as Ryan Orr waits trustingly.

Adam McCabe (Hero) and Erika Orr (Philia)

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Cast party for Funny Thing

party life.jpg

Cast members from A Funny Thing... gather for a party outdoors.

sign for 'Oildale'.jpg

Garrett plays his version of a Steely Dan song singing,"...and I'm nev-er go-in' back to my"

Star Players Kelsey, Berkley, and Laura react to Justin's version of Steve Erkel.

and on..fix.jpg
the party goes on.jpg
too much acting.jpg

The Annual Star Players Banquet

1997 awards fix.jpg

The North Star Players this year started a tradition of the annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony. It was held at Olive Garden.  Each Star Player voted for others in various categories such as Best Actor, Best Improviser, Best Technician...

Star Players Director Mr. Orr presented the awards.

Star Players President Justin Gordon was voted Best Actor.

1997 awards 2 (2).jpg
Justin fix.jpg

Star Players member Laura Gates was voted

Best Supporting Actress.

The lovely Mrs. Orr presides at the ceremony.

Berkley awarded.jpg

Star Players Historian Berkley Roberts was voted Best Actress.

Star Players member Mark Parker was voted Best Supporting Actor.

Ruth Bowen awarded.jpg
Ann, Mark Parker Best Supporting Actor fix.jpg

Star Players member Ruth Bowen was voted Best Newcomer.

Garrett Willingham awarded.jpg

Star Players Publicist Garrett Willingham was voted Best in Improv, and Best Senior.

Carr, Mark, Ruth fix.jpg

Members Carr Wheat, Mark Parker, and Ruth Bowen attend the Banquet.

Jamie Rushing and Ladies Man.jpg

Jamie Rushing, Mark Parker, and friend.

Brittany .jpg

David Light and Brittany Owen enjoy the festivities.

Also in attendance were the characters Ah-Some and Ah-So.

Ah-SOME and Ah-So.jpg

"Parting is such sweet sorrow"

The 1996-97 year ended like all the others and the most splendid seniors moved on to the rest of their lives. May they enjoy all the success of which they dream.

Justin Gordon senior class.jpg

Saying so long to Justin Gordon, past Star Players member and Club President, was difficult indeed. Voted NSP Best Actor in 1996, Justin's acting versatility enabled him to play comedy, tragedy, and musical comedy; from leading man to everyman. Justin debuted as a sophomore with a gritty performance in the dark comedy, Loot, would go on to portray MacBeth in "the Scottish play," and created many other fine characters and performances on our stage and around the city. Ever the professional, Justin has continued in professional theater/film endeavors as actor, director, educator, and surely has a production in the works today.

Other fantastic Star Players who graced our stage this year and more, and will live on in our tradition include...

Amy Adams senior class.jpg

Amy Adams

Jenelle Anderson senior class.jpg

Jenelle Anderson

Drina Bingamon senior class.jpg

Drina Bingamon

Ruth Bowen senior class.jpg

Ruth Bowen

Jason Dollar senior class.jpg
Amber Dungan senior class.jpg
Darin Godbey senior class.jpg
David Light (from 95).jpg

Jason Dollar

Denise Money senior class.jpg

Denise Money

Amber Dungan

Missy Morton senior class.jpg

Missy Morton

Darin Godbey

Kelsey Musick senior class.jpg

Kelsey Musick

David Light

Mark Parker senior class.jpg

Mark Parker

NSP Best Actor 1997

Amy Richards senior class.jpg

Amy Richards

Berkley Roberts senior class.jpg
Anna Vepsa senior class.jpg

Anna Vepsa

Berkley Roberts

NSP Best Actress 1997

Berkley's multi-talent will be missed among the Stars. Active in the ASB, and sports, Berkley was able to also serve as 1996-97's Star Players Historian, and for several years acted roles on our mainstage and competitions, receiving honors at this year's Shakespeare Festival for her portrayal of Volumnia from Coriolanus. Berkley's leadership, kindness, and stage presence is fondly remembered by all.

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