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1966 - 1967

Thespians Troupe 1293

NHS Thespians 1967.jpg

So many great names here, including Pat Brundage, front row, fifth from right.

NHS English teacher June Gaede would continue her distinguished career taking on the job as this year's Thespians director and advisor.

June Gaede Thespian advisor (2).jpg
Thespian officers pat brundage (2).jpg

National Thespians Troupe 1293 officers:

Pat McDonald, President; Donna Diebel, Treasurer; Ken Kopecky, Vice President; Pat Brundage, Secretary.

William Shakespeare's
Twelfth Night

Sir Toby and Fabian (2).jpg

Viola (Karen Kinser), Fabian (Randy Smith), Sir Toby (Mike Cariker) Sir Andrew (Ken Kopecky).

Viola (Karen Kinser) acts as messenger to the Duke's reluctant love, Olivia (Donna Diebel).

The entire cast at the final curtain call of three sellout nights.

Modern Dance

Janet Kilburn in the cage.jpg

In the cage, Janet Kilburn pines for freedom.

'Lil Abner
the musical

Lil Abner photo 2 circa 1967.jpg
Lil Abner photo circa 1967 copy.jpg

Senior Thespians

Michael Cariker

donna diebel played Olivia (2).jpg

Donna Diebel

Karen Kinser

Ken Kopecky

Randy Smith

1967 - 1968

National Thespians

Pam Hooten
Drama Teacher
Thespians Advisor

The Lark

Members of the senior class play "The Lark" make a final appearance.

From The Lark (2).jpg

Joan (Karyn Scott, far left) Inquistor (Dick Cook, center) and cast members of The Lark rehearse, as seen from the beam loft. As predicted, the set-building materials woud be well-used for many years.

Marty Wattenbarger prepares the costume of the Little Queen (Una Smith).

David Gough handles audio and spotlight control.

Stage crew members are careful not to make any sudden moves on the scaffold.

Thespians shine

Steve Nall and Brock Thoene rehearse Harvey.

Modern Dancers

dancers 1.jpg
dancers 4 (5).jpg

Advanced modern dancers Pam Richardson, Elaine Olberg, Mary Millican at the Modern Dance Concert.

Senior Thespians of 1968

Dick Cook senior class (2).jpg

Dick Cook

donald gough senior class (2).jpg

Donald Gough

Karyn Scott

Lee Gholz senior class (2).jpg

Lee Gholz

Deb Rector senior class (2).jpg

Deb Rector

Una Smith

OHAll at last (grayscale) (2).jpg

1968 - 1969

NHS Thespians

thespians group.jpg

Troupe 1293's theme song for this year: "Where the Boys Are."

Pam Hooten continues to lead the Thespians as advisor.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
NHS's  first production of the famous play.

pamela Hootens midsummers (2).jpg

The lovers sort out their feelings for each other.

Bottom tormented by fairies.jpg

Faieries really dig Bottom.

rehearsing... (2).jpg

Oberon (Bob Blalock) and Puck (Mike Wascher)

The Rude Mechanicals rehearse.

Selling weiners at intermission.

Back for Act 2: Steve Nall, Steve Geye, Mike Clinton, George Trempor rehearse the Tragedy of Pyramus.  

The Miracle Worker

midsummers 1 (2).jpg

Cast members rehearsing the student body play,The Miracle Worker, the first production of the popular play.

Nancy Figgs and Stephen Nall rehearse as Annie and Captain Sullivan.

Modern Dancers

2 (3).jpg

Senior Pat Brundage finishes her career at NHS with honors.

Intermediate dancers first row: Debbie Ford, Margie McAfee, Loretta Clour, second row: Julie Captain, Debbie Baughman, Nedy Carter, Roberta Dugan, third row: Barbie Bowles, Diana Illingworth, Dana Wallace, Pat Manning, Carolyn Jasper, foruth row: Donna Lewis, Debbie Lewis, Rosie Silas, Nancy Fields.   

dancers beginning.jpg

Graduating Senior Thespians

Karen Worley

Pat Brundage would leave North High for a short time, returning again with an advanced degree and Secondary teaching credential and craft a distinguished career.
Ms. Brundage would teach English for many years, eventually becoming the  Department Chair. She would help with several play productions.
Pat would later earn a PhD and be fondly referred to by her students as Dr. Brundage.

Patricia Brundage.jpg
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