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The Show Musn't Go On!

Of course, we all know the show MUST go on and so we bring in the understudy, squeeze in another tech day, etc., because there is a paying audience coming and they expect a show.  
Over the decades, there were two or three emergency occasions when we North Star Players had to fold on productions, but not for the entire year as we did this. There were so many missed opportunities for educational and social growth at all age levels.

First semester, school was on-line only, meaning very little actual education was achieved. As teachers scrambled to adapt new systems for learning, many students checked-out in a way that wouldn't be good for education for a while. 

Second semester had teachers doing on-line and at-school education. Some classes had no participation at all. Theater performances were only allowed if actors wore masks and shields (teachers already endured deciphering the muffled voices in the classroom) and audiences wore masks and modified seating. Want to see that play?

This new system was terrible for all educators and students but was particularly hard for Fine Arts learning where group interactions with Bands, Choirs, Actors, and their audiences are part and parcel in the cause.


Lawrence Orr
North Star Players
director, advisor

Senior Star Players leaving us this year...

Alexis Devault

Rachel Littlefield

Bradley Ross

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