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1981 - 1982

North Star Players

June Gaede

North Star Players

director, advisor

A Midsummer Night's Dream

The cast of A Midsummer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare, the second NHS production of the classic play.

James Piazza would play Puck.

Senior Star Player James Piazza.

James Piazza, top right, in addition to his acting interests, also wrestled Varsity, along with Rocky Churchmen, top left.

1982 - 1983

1982 - 1983 North Star Players Club members include front row: Michelle Meeks, Andrea Sultze, Don Admire, Jeff Hudson.
back row: June Pixton Gaede, Jeff Ragle, Mike Randall, Brent Allen, Marty Ansolabehere, Lisa Clements, Elizabeth Rainey.

June Pixton Gaede
North Star Player director, advisor

this year

lisa clements as miranda paul sogard as ferdinand in the  tempest (2).jpg

Star Players performed a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream at the local festival. Other scenes performed this year include the Tempest, featuring Lisa Clements as Miranda and Paul Sogard as Ferdinand.

Don Admire and Brent Allen bear the corpse of Henry VI while Richard, Duke of Gloucester (Marty Ansolabehere), woos the mourner Anne (Michelle Meeks) in this scene from Richard III.

Charly's Aunt

Sir Francis Chesney (Jeff Hudson) rehearses his proposal to Charley's Aunt (Marty Ansolabehere).

Brassett (Jim Isbel) prepares to serve tea.

Charly's Aunt (Marty Ansolabehere) is attended to by Kitty (Lisa Clements) and Amy (Elizabeth Rainey).

1983 Star Players Seniors

Marty Ansolabehere

Jim Isbell

Lisa Clements

michelle meeks snior class 83 (2).jpg

Michelle Meeks

Jeff Hudson

Paul Sogaard

O'Neill Hall circa 1983, always a hub for student activity and theater education.

Stars Away

Jeff Hudson at the CSUB Dore Theater, performing as chorus member, a character in Dr. Michael Flachman's book Shakespeare's Lovers.

Marty Ansolabehere and Andrea Sultze modeling Elizabethan costumes for English students.

The student body voted Jim Isbell "Most Likely to Invent the Internet."

1983 - 1984
NSP's enjoy Scenes from Shakespeare

Prince of Morocco (Rob Campbell), Portia (Jill Brockman), and Prince of Aragon (Brent Allen) read the scroll from the gold casket in a scene from The Merchant of Venice.

June Gaede continues as North Star Players director and advisor.

The gold casket had to get golden before the scene, so, Mike Randall painted it up.

Elizabeth Rainey plays Juliet from Romeo and Juliet at the local Shakespeare Festival.

The Prince of Aragon (Brent Allen) reading the inscription of the silver casket.

The North Star Players at work

Don Admire, lighting technician, works the cues from the booth offstage right.

Senior Don Admire illuminated the Star Players this year.

Elizabeth Rainey onstage.

1984 - 1985

stagecraft crew (2).jpg

The North Star Players included those in Stagecraft such as James Pryor, Raymond Smithson, Randy Stone, Ed French, Julie McMillian, technically.

Patricia Ford takes over as the North Star Players director and advisor

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon-Marigolds by Paul Zindel

Nanny (Jennifer Baker) stirs the holsy and honey.

Tillie (Caryn Gover) and  Beatrice (Elizabeth Rainey)

Beatrice (Elizabeth) about to pour a drink on Nanny (Jennifer).

Ruth (Sonia Hernandez) the older sister who blackmails Tillie.

Stephen Deatherage and Dennis Ottens set up the stage furniture, always a pleasurable experience.

Lighting specialist Dale Smith works the cues.

Star Players shine forever

Senior Jennifer Baker, North Star Player

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