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1998 - 1999

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The 1998-99 North Star Players was a good mix of veterans and newcomers full of hopes and dreams for a splendid theater year at North High. Our latest club members included Steve Verrell, Breanna Baker, Kourtney Hawkins, Laura Gates, Mr. Orr, Erika Orr, Kristina Rutledge, Ronnie Hargrave, Aaron Duemmel, Cherim Hastin, Taria Anderson, Niki Peircy, Erin Verrell, Lindsey Bynum, Jason Carson, Billy Bender, Shannon Jordan, Christina McAfee, Danny Bennett, Reanah L'zhay, Cory Chadwick.

Lawrence Orr
North Star Players
director, advisor

Another busy year for the Star Players included three productions, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Nerd, and The Fantasticks, as well as the Shakespeare Festival scene from Much Ado About Nothing, and David Ives' English Made Simple for the CSUB Spotlight.

The second production of Kesserling's
"Arsenic and Old Lace"

Kourtney alana Breanna ronnie read through.jpg

Auditions for Arsenic and Old Lace began in September. This would be North High's fourth production of Joseph Kesserling's classic play, the previous time being in the 1985-86 school year under the direction of Patty Ford. Here we see Kourtney Hawkins, Alana Peck, Breanna Baker, and Ronnie Hargrave reading parts in the wings in preparation for their audition.

1998's production of Arsenic and Old Lace was directed by Lawrence Orr, then in his eighth year as theater director at NHS.

Orr reacts (2).jpg

Student body write-up about "Arsenic."

Aaron Duemmel (Teddy) Breanna Baker (Abby) and Patrick McDonald (Reverend Harper)

Mortimer (Ronnie Hargrave), Abby (Breanna Baker) and Martha (Alana Peck) must deal with Jonathan (Danny Bennett).

Ronnie and Shannon crop (2).jpg

Shannon Jordan as Elaine Harper.

Dr. Einstein (Laura Gates) skulks about as Jonathan (Danny) makes his wishes known.

Officer O'Hara (Kourtney Hawkins) seems oblivious to Mortimer's (Ronnie) plight. 

The not-quite-finished set of Arsenic and Old Lace in 1998.

"It's always a great undertaking to put up a huge set for usually three performances. This one was a two-story with working off-rooms that went out into the wings and up into the borders. The wonderful cast and crew helped put it together." - Mr. Orr

Mr. Orr poses with Shannon Jordan's flowers.

(Abby) Breanna Baker and (Martha) Alana Peck join in for the curtain call at play's end.

Click on the arrow below for scenes from the play.

The Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare festival entry  crop.jpg

Our ensemble entry for this year's Shakespeare festival was an oh!-too-loose! interpretation of Much Ado About Nothing. Our scene hadn't really Much To Do with the play except to repeat several lines of character Dogberry's, ala "minimalism." For our efforts, the judges awarded us Honorable Mention. Cast members included Alana Peck, Christina McAfee, Billy Bender, Patrick McDonald, Heidi Hackett, Cherim Hastin, Taja Beiber, Kara Essman, Kourtney Hawkins, Shannon Jordan, Breanna Baker, Ronnie Hargrave, Krista Gaines, Laura Gates.

Click on the arrow below for scenes from the play.

The 1999 season was met by another winter production, the well-reknowned comedy called The Nerd by Larry shue. This would be another in-the-round production; about 100 audience members attended per night.

The Nerd by Larry Shue

Billy Bender in the title role of the Nerd, also known as Rick Steadman. Here Rick sings off-key and self-accompanied with tamborine, prompting all to wish he would zip it.

Willum Cubbert (Patrick McDonald) and Tansy (Erika Orr) take stock of their dillemma.

group crop.JPG
pic 238 re crop.JPG

Axel (Danny Bennett) and Willum greet their guests, Mr. Waldgrave (Ronnie Hargrave) Clelia (Kourtney Hawkins) and pesky son, Thor (portrayed by Peter Orr in yet another appearance for NHS theater pre-attendance years.)

Axel and good friend Tansy discuss her relationship with Willum.

meeting rick crop.jpg

Willum and his guests are surprised by Rick Steadman's intrusion.


Cast members pose for a group shot, posted amid the spine of the yearbook. Sorry, Kourtney!

The CSUB Spotlight Festival

English Made Simple byDavid Ives.

North Star Players about town

North Star Player Erika Orr announces the NHS "King and Queen" recipients.

A friend and Star Player Darci Blake share the spotlight at an all school assembly.

Nathan Antwine "up against the wall."

NHS Student Chad using the high-tech communication device wall attachment.

1999's "The Fantasticks"

This year was the second successful production of

The Fantasticks.

Senior Star Players moving on...

April Adams senior class crop.jpg

April Adams

Danny Bennett '99 fix.jpg

Danny Bennett

Breanna Baker, recognized by the Star Players as Best Actress 1999 and Best Senior 1999

Jenny Cabe

Jason Carson

Christina McAfee

Shannon Jordan

Patrick McDonald

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