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Some of the year's actors and crew members at the curtain call of a performance from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Included are Sydney Brunsell, Tristan Pudephatt, Doug, Madison Carver, Elias Russell, Julia Malone, Dylan Hedemark.

Lawrence Orr
North Star Players
director, advisor

The fall play:

And Then There Were None

Ivy Polkinghorne debuts as Vera Claythorne in the second NHS production of Agatha Christie's murder mystery And Then There Were None (formerly titled Ten Little Indians).

House servants Mrs. Rogers (Kryssa Eubanks) and Mr. Rogers (Tristan Pudephatt) prepare for the new arrivals to Soldier Island.

Daniel Murray plays Narracott, the delivery man/sailor.

The pious Emily Brent is played by Faith Olson.

and then 1.jpg

Dr. Armstrong (Madison Carver) and William Blore (Gannon Stane) carry-on the cat and mouse chit-chat.

Anthony Rainwater as General Mackenzie

Vera (Ivy) and Mackenzie (Anthony) try to understand each other.

Mackenzie (Anthony) explains himself to Sir Lawrence Wargrave (Elias Russell).

The cat is out of the bag as Sir Lawrence Wargrave (Elias Russell) taunts Vera (Ivy) before his next murder.

The Shakespeare Festival

Actors taking questions.jpg

Cast and crew members after a performance of the Shakespeare scene at an O'Neill Hall assembly.

The Spring Production:
You Can't Take it with You

YCTIWY 1.jpg
YCTIWY 3.jpg
YCTIWY 2.jpg

Senior Star Players leaving us this year...

Madison Carver

Alex Litteral

Elias Russell

Julia Malone

Tristan P. senior class (2).jpg

Tristan Puddephat

Hailey McClain

Anthony Rainwater

Gannon Stane

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