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2014 - 2015 
Star Players

players 2014-15 (2).jpg

The NHS 2014-2015 Star Players included Liz Lake, Sydney Brunsell, Mitchell Carr, Peter Stille, Mitchell Fraker, Brandon Sadler, Aaron Hoyt, Jacob Kartinen, Macey Kelley, Madison Meadors, Rebekah Baker, Kasey Ratliff, Shelby McClennahan, Addisn Kuster, Martha Canto, Faith Green, Angelita Esparza, Jeremy Carver, Jordan Lane, Ryan Martin, Courtney Mairel, Jacob Birks, Faith Daigle, Mr. Orr advisor.

This year, the North Star Players would put up an NHS production of David and Lisa, and a third production of Larry Shue's The Nerd.

Lawrence Orr

North Star Players

director, advisor

David and Lisa


James Reach

martha courtney david and lisa (2).jpg

Martha Canto (Josette), Courtney Mairel (Kate), Jacob Kartinen (Simon).

...and Juan Hernandez

Cody Ferguson

Jeremy Carver and Faith Daigle in the title roles David and Lisa

Lily Denesha and Josh Carruthers

Ben (Shawn), Dr. Swinford (Mitchell Carr), John (Jordan Lane) and Mrs. Ferris (Madison Meadors) meet again to discuss the patients. 

Barbara (Addisn Kuster) and Carlos (Vincent Sandoval) have a moment.

Ben is played by Shawn Raft.

Peter Stille would play both Robert and Porter.

The North Star Players of 2014 hold up the trophy received for the Improv Day Festival participation. 

The spring 2015 production:
Larry Shue's

The Nerd

Mitchell Carr as Rick Steadman, the nerd.

nerd cast 2015.jpg

Aaron Hoyt as Axel.

Brandon Sadler as Mr. Waldgrave

Mitchell Carr as the disguised Rick Steadman.

The famous paperbags on the head with eye-holes scene.

Jordan Lane as Willum Cubbert

Axel hopes to calm down Waldgrave for his annoying kid, Thor (Angelita).

Senior Star Players, 2015

Jeremy Carver

Rebecca Core

Macey Kelley

Addisn Kuster

Cody Gable

Jordan Lane

Madison Meadors

Brittany Rains

Shawn Raft

Kasey Ratliff

Vicente Sandoval

Kayla Routh

Payton O'Reilly

Elizabeth Lake

Star Players Best Actress 2015

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